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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Red Carpet: Best and Worst Dressed of the Week

Note from Jillian: Red Carpet is a new feature on A-Listers. I got the inspiration for this feature while I was going through my US Weekly. I will feature the celebrity do's and dont's and my favorite/least favorite fashion of the week. I hope you guys enjoy!

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First up, we have Myolie and Charmaine. Is it just a coincidence or did they both plan to wear white at the same event? Anyway, from what I've seen from the past, Charmaine really likes these kind of ruffly dresses. I can't say that I like the ruffly look on her, but Charmaine
wore this white number well. It brings out her curves. As for Myolie, the dress looks a bit old for her. I don't like the gold buttons and the gold pattern on the bottom. I think the dress would look better on Myolie if it was all white.

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Ron, Ron, Ron. Ron hasn't been on the news lately, since he's been overshadowed by Bosco's
burst of popularity. Ron doesn't seem to be short on money, so what's with the dull gray shirt? Not only isn't eye catching, it's very loose-fitting. Ron can do much better than that. That necklace has also go to go.

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Roger and Niki. I'm usually not too fond of Roger's fashion sense, although I am a fan of his. Surprisingly, he looks good in this outfit. The shirt works well and I love the dark jeans. Great job, Roger! Niki...that's another story. Niki's fashion seem to be inspired by the whole fresh, Honky style. At times, it's very interesting. At other times, I feel like she needs to grow up (fashion-wise). This look is one of those times. The red shirt is weird. It seemed like the designer was bit confused when designing this shirt. It loooks like a vest/halter top with sleeves. And the poofy shorts...with high boots?! The only thing I like about this look is Niki's hair.

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I know I already have Charmaine up there but this dress is so bad that I had to feature Charmaine again. She looks like she's wearing a painting. And the it just me, or does it come out into a cape? One word: N.O.! Sceneries look best on pictures and in paintings, and let's just leave it that way.

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Bernice and Moses. I fell in love with Bernice's dress as soon as I laid eyes on it. I love the color, texture, fabric, etc. etc. I love her inside shirt too. Her hair looks good....and that smile! Bernice's smile makes the whole look even better. Moses looks uncomfortable in the picture but he's still cute as always. The gray hair is total yuck, and the pants! Eww! I like the jacket and the shirt though.

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What can I say about Michelle? She's changed a complete 360 since she first entered the industry. Many people say that Michelle has a nice body, but I disagree. Take the first 2 pictures for example. She doesn't have much curves, and in addition to that, she looks like she has a tummy! How's that for a nice body? And the hair makes her look really old. What was she thinking when trying those 2 outfits on?! The green dress looks much nicer on her. I'm not just saying that cuz I like green, but the style of the dress is much more catchy and more age-appropriate for Michelle.

Jillian: The comments above are strictly my personal opinion. You don't have to agree and that's fine. The comments are based on what the artists are wearing. It has nothing to do with the artists themselves, so don't confuse my comments as me hating on the artist.


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