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Friday, April 07, 2006

Ron Ng Eats 10 Bowls Of Noodles When Filming Ad

Ron Ng, after receiving a pay check of a seven figure amount of money, has agreed to become the spokesperson of a noodle company for a year. For this advertisement, Ron had to dance, as his movementd was to bring out the feeling of eating the noodles.

To match the theme,
Ron and many dancers had to film their dancing in crowded city areas to bring out the feeling of ‘city movement’. The advertisement company is extremely pleased with the outcome of the ads and have persuaded the noodle company to spend extra money on promotion. Ron, who has not been getting much sleep due to filming, was tired on the day. Despite his exhaustion, Ron danced for 16 hours, fulfilling the requests by the director. Ron also had to eat 10 bowls of noodles when filming for the ad! When asked if he is now afraid of eating noodles, Ron said that if people are supportive of the product, he will not mind eating noodles for the rest of his life. Ron disclosed that he cooks noodles the best.

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