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Monday, April 10, 2006

Ron Ng Is A Snoopy Fanatic

Ron Ng attended the “Snoopy Easter Entertainment Park Opening Ceremony” yesterday. Besides singing, he also played games with the supporters and the atmosphere was very lively. Ron expressed that he has always liked Snoopy stuff and watched its cartoons. Also because his older sister has collected many Snoopy dolls to put above her bed and as he had to face it day and night, he gradually grew to like this cartoon character. Every time he goes abroad, he will look for Snoopy printed glasses. He has now about 25 of these glasses at home.

said: “At home, I have room where I put all the stuff that I like. My Snoopy glasses are also put in that room In addition, there is also a lot of toys, models (e.g. planes,…) and a picture with my mother.”

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