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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Ruby & Jimmy's Former Relationship Made Public, Said "Distance" Was Reason For Breakup

This was the first time Jimmy and Ruby attended a variety show after their rumored break-up. When asked the reason for breaking up, both parties admitted that it was due to the distance and fading of feeling that cause the breakup. After the breakup, it was Ruby who called Jimmy, saving their friendship. Ruby admited magnanimously that since it they did not break up because of a big quarrel, so it was okay that she initiated.

Jimmy attended "Cai Yong Dang Jia" filming. When asked how they've met, Ruby laughed, " My first movie was with Jimmy and Takaeshi Kaneshiro. After filming, we became friends." The host asked Ruby immediately, who was more handsome then? As expected, she admitted that Jimmy was more handsome as Takaeshi had not slim down then and did not have the 'aura' he has now. (something like that... dunno how to say)

Jimmy and Ruby's secret relationship was still a mystery to the media now. Yesterday, Jimmy clarified that in the past, he had to film in China frequently, leading to the distance between both of them.

Although they were good friends after breaking up, the interesting thing is that
Jimmy has never give Ruby his album as a present. Using this chance, Jimmy finally gave her his new album personally. And Ruby made use of this chance saying, "But I'm more interested in the watch you're wearing leh." Immediately Jimmy took off his watch and even help her put it on. One of the guest even teased," These 2 people seems to be engross in their own world" After that, Ruby even gave Jimmy a hug and say, "Treat this present as your gift for me this year." As Jimmy will always give her a birthday present for her birthday every year, Ruby smiled, "His presents are mostly female stuff like handbags etc. which are sweet and practical.

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