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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sammul Chan Unhappy About Homosexual Rumours

Sammul Chan is constantly rumoured to be a homosexual by the media. Yesterday, a weekly magazine exposed to the public, pictures and a full reports of Sammul and Real Ding. Though the two did not perform any intimate gestures, the reporter expressed that the relationship between the two was cherished. This report has made Sammul extremely unhappy and so, his manager, Ivy, said to the press that she believes that someone is using Sammul for promotion.

Sammul’s manager, Ivy commented, “Sammul is a faithful Christian and Christianity forbids its followers to be homosexuals. He is very unhappy about these reports. Why do reporters have to accuse him of being gay over and over again? Sammul has once dated a girl from the entertainment industry and don’t tell me that the reporters didn’t know! For the previous months, Sammul has been working very hard and has had no time for socialising, so how has he had the time to meet up with Real frequently?”

Ivy continued on to persist that Sammul is straight and expressed that as the only boy in the family, he is very good and kind. Ivy advised Sammul to really be cautious when making friends as he may meet people who will try to use him.

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