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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Timmy Admits To having An Outside Entertainment Circle Girlfriend

Timmy Hung and friends have partnered together to open a bar in Causeway Bay. Although it hasn't officially opened yet, he opened it yesterday to welcome a bunch of friends to hang out. Timmy has always wanted to marry, and how he is finally dating. But in order to protect this relationship, his girlfriend has still not appeared in public. Timmy is very popular in the entertainment circle so many entertainment people appeared yesterday night including Eric Tse, Jaycee, Chin Ka Lok, Lee San San etc. Even Timmy's father was there.

Timmy is the host, he kept escorting guests in and out yesterday night. During that time, he also escorted a female out of a car. But Timmy denied that it was his girlfriend and even admitted that his girlfriend did not appear. Timmy said, "It is the very beginning stage between me and my girlfriend. My dad and a lot of my friends have not seen her. I don't want a publicized relationship to affect our relationship so I want to carefully protect it. I'll wait until it's stable before I reveal it to everyone. So I hope everone gives us some space." Although Timmy wants to marry and have kids, he admitted that these things can't be rushed and he'll put his career first.

Timmy opened this bar in the beginning so that he and his pals would have a place to hang out and watch the game. So he doesn't want it to be too public but he still has attracted many reporters to interview him. Since his store is only welcoming special/frequent guests, he is definitely not doing advertisements.

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