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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Michelle Ye Suffers Knife Injury On Set Of 'Central Affairs 2'

Michelle Ye Suen was filming a scene for "Central Affairs 2" yesterday in which her character would seek revenge on Chan Bo Yuen by stabbing him. Unfortunately, ATV was filming with a real knife and Michelle accidentally stabbed her own thigh; she was sent to the hospital and received 6 stitches.

At 2 AM in the morning, Michelle was at the studio filming for the scene. The director requested that Michelle use a real 6 inch knife for the close-up scene for more realistic results. The plan was to use a fake knife when it was time for Michelle to stab Chan Bo Yuen's substitute dummy figure.

However, the production crew could not find a realistic looking fake knife on set, so they used the real knife instead. During the stabbing process, the dummy figure moved out of position and Michelle accidentally stabbed her left thigh instead. Michelle cried out in pain as blood oozed out of her thigh. Michelle was rushed to the emergency room and received 6 stitches.

As ATV is rushing to finish the filming of "Central Affairs 2" since the series has started broadcasting already, Michelle could not have a long rest and returned to work last night at 7 PM. Taking into account her injury, Michelle filmed mainly scenes where she sat at her office desk.

Michelle said, "At first, I questioned why we had to use a real knife. But the director said that he wanted to use a real knife for the close up scenes. We have been filming for more than 10 hours straight to complete the filming process; there was no time to stop and think for too long. I asked the choreographer to hold on tight to the dummy, but the position still moved. The scene spoke of me closing my eyes and stabbing Chan Bo Yuen's character 3 times. On the 3rd stab, I stabbed my own thigh, resulting in a wound one inch deep. When I pulled out the knife and saw blood rushing out, I was so scared I couldn't tell if it was fake or real blood anymore."

Allegedly other artists have also suffered injuries on set of "Central Affairs 2." Chan Bo Yuen also got his hand and leg wounded by a real knife while Kam Yin Ling hurt her head because the choreographer did not help her to position herself correctly for the scene. But Michelle only said, "It was an accident; no one is to blame."

The first episode of "Central Affairs 2" received good results, superceding the prequel by 2 points. "We will have a promotional event for the series at the beach. But the doctor said that I will have a scar from the injury. My friends suggested that I have the scar removed later."

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Kevin Cheng To Release Music Album With Lau Ka Cheung's Help

Renowned musician Lau Ka Cheung has been busy preparing for his upcoming 7 session concert series. He is currently busy remixing his classic songs so that various singers will be able to perform them at the concert.

Aside from Gigi Leung Wing Kei, Cheng Yan Yee, and Leo Ku, Lau also recognized the skills of Kevin Cheng Ka Wing.

Not only did Lau empathize in Kevin in his contract dispute with former music teacher Dai Si Chung, Lau has also decided to put forth money to sign Kevin as one of his managed singers.

Lau continued, "I have spoken with TVB and made the proper arrangments to sign Kevin. I have already composed some songs for Kevin. Aside from working on Kevin's music album, I will not be involved in anything else."

Lau said, "Kevin should sing romantic love songs. Girls would probably like his vocals."

Lau also said that Leo Ku, Eason Chan and William So Wing Hong are also very good singers. Lydia Shum's daughter, Yan Yee, also has a lot of potential. Also Lau found Gigi Leung Wing Kei to be a very good folk song singer.

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Myolie At Radio Program Interview

Myolie Wu took part as a guest host on a radio programme earlier and talked about her music loves as well as some stories from before she entered showbiz.

Myolie chose Andy Lau's song "Practice" to share with the listeners, because she really likes Andy and she felt that the lyrics to this song were encouraging and meaningful. She says that she has met Andy once and remembers he was wearing a white tracksuit as he chatted to her. She felt very happy to hear that Andy had watched her series.

For the
'Women in Red' concert, Myolie chose to sing Justin Lo's song "Erica" and she says that she once heard that when male singers choose to name their songs after a girl's name, then the song is usually telling of their own true story. She finds that if a singer is able to share their own stories in their songs, this is very romantic and brave. She adds that if one of her ex-boyfriends write a song about her, then she might even go back to him!

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Michelle Ye At 'Central Affairs 2' Radio Promotion

ATV's "Central Affairs 2" was broadcast on Monday. Michelle Ye Suen, Mak Ka Kei, and Chan Bo Yuen were guests on a radio program promoting for the new series. Michelle originally wanted to go to Patrick Tse Yin's house to watch the series premiere with other cast members, but could not attend last minute due to scheduled filming requirements. Michelle ended up watching the premiere at ATV's studio instead.

Although "Central Affairs 2" will be broadcast in the same timeframe that "Dance of Passion" is being shown, Michelle is full of confidence for the ratings. She hopes that average ratings will increase by 3 points as compared to the original prequel. If ATV were to hold a ratings celebration at the beach, Michelle would wear a swimsuit to attend, but not necessarily a bikini.

Earlier Kenneth Chan Kai Tai boldly said that the female cast of "Dance of Passion" were all old. Michelle said that Ken has his own opinions and often she would consult his opinion on various matters for work. Michelle also said that she thinks the female cast of "DOP" are all beautiful. "Central Affairs 2" and "Dance of Passion" both have different styles, but feels that "Central Affairs 2" has its attractive qualities too.

Since the filming of "Central Affairs 2" started, there have been numerous rumors about the cast not getting along with each other. Michelle explained that everyone gets along with each other and their primary concern is to achieve ratings success.

Chan Bo Yuen will be getting married next month. He will be marrying his girlfriend of 4 years on June 11th and will hold a small banquet for his family and relatives. He will treat his colleages for dinner next time.

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Monday, May 29, 2006

Feeling Positive For Charmaine Sheh

“The Charmaine Sheh I knew is a smart girl; basically she’s smarter than I am. Though I entered entertainment circle earlier, but having more experience doesn’t necessarily mean I’m smarter. Charmaine’s have high intelligence; she’s very good no matter in speech, reaction and EQ. She’s not bothered by the rumors and I think I have to learn this from her.

Since the airing of [
"Dance of Passion"], a lot of people started to discuss about anniversary [Favorite Actor, Favorite Actress] Award, everyone asked if I want to win again. Frankly speaking, it doesn’t matter. To me, now I just want to enjoy the excitement of filming series; enjoying each role development and acting in every scene. If I won by portraying ‘vase role’, I won’t be happy either. In "DOP", every actress did well, but if I can choose, I hope Charmaine will win this year.”

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Bosco’s Tips To A Healthy-Looking Body

This time, Bosco Wong Chung Chak (黃宗澤) isn’t playing the son of the wealthy man like in “Under the Canopy of Love”, nor is he the obedient child in “War of In-Laws”. Rather, he has taken on the role as the World Cup Ambassador. Bosco, who enjoys tanning and playing sports, spends most of his days busy filming. However, after becoming the spokesperson [of Oasis Homme], he can enjoy the benefit of using their tanning lights and slimming machines. Therefore, he won’t be afraid of staying up late at night to watch the World Cup, and stuffing himself with peanuts and soft drink. Bosco will give you five tips here, which give you a healthy fit look wherever you go. Let’s check it out!

Captain Of The Goal
As the World Cup Ambassador,
Bosco plays many sports well, including basketball, soccer, and swimming. “When I used to play soccer with my friends, I would be the goaltender. However, because I’m too busy with work now, on average, I can only play basketball once a month. It’s a bit more difficult if we want to play soccer, because it’s hard to gather enough people.”

Bosco is a fan of the Netherlands team, why? “Brazil has way too many supporters. England has a lot of fans as well. Netherlands is the ‘black horse’ [underdog]; I need to oppress the strong to help the weak. In reality though, I actually really like Ruud Gullit. I clearly remember his Bo Derek braided hairstyle; it’s really special kind of affection.”

Five Must-Do’s When Watching The Games
In order to be the World Cup Ambassador,
Bosco said that there are 5 things that he always does during the period of the World Cup event. Even though Bosco is a Netherlands fan, he doesn’t deliberately go out and collect Netherland jerseys. “If I see something special, I’ll buy it. However, I have a friend who knew that I became the World Cup Ambassador, so he gave me a Brazil jersey made in the 70s. Now that I think about it, I have about 8-10 jerseys already.” Bosco, the orange in the Netherlands jersey is nice and sharp. When put together with a matching orange soccer ball and running shoes, it’ll look great!

Working Hard To Stay Slim
Bosco says that whenever he watches the games, he likes to accompany it with soft drinks and peanuts. When you sit for too long, you could easily develop a big belly. To keep his muscles built, he would use the slimming machines whenever he finds time. “I only need to use it for 30 minutes, and it will redefine the lines around my abdomen, giving me a nice 6-pack. However, I don’t think that’s enough, so I do push-ups as well. But I do it sitting down. On average, I do it 100 repitions each time. This way, I can stay really fit!”

Actually, to quickly tone your abs, besides exercising, the most direct way is with the aid of machines. Some slimming fat-burning machines will use a principles of pressure in a vaccuum to redefine the lines on your body, so that your abs will reappear again.

Healthy Tanning With UV Lights
“I really like a bronze skintone. As a World Cup Ambassador, my skintone must be healthy. Whenever I have time, I will go to the beach and tan in the sun for half a day. But if I’m too busy working and can’t find time, I will use the tanning lights. Before you tan, you have to apply a protective layer of sunscreen. And then you tan for 10 minutes.”

Usually, the tanning machine is in the shape of a cylinder. When you lie inside the machine, both your chest and your back can be evenly tanned. The time it takes is also very short; each session only requires 9 minutes. In the beginning, you will have to tan every other day (your skin needs a mininum of 24 hours of rest). After 4 to 5 times, your skin tone will be evidently darker. Then you only need to tan once a week after that.

Do Facials To Hide The Look Of Exhaustion
Females aren’t the only ones to do facials. During the World Cup Games, the most important thing for
Bosco is the skincare process. He said that that he usually immediately goes home and watches the games after work, even it meant staying up all night and sacrificing sleep. That’s why your skin could dry up very easily. You don’t have to worry about this if you do a facial to revitalize and lock in the moisture, because it will make you look more energetic. No one will know that you’re tired even if you pull many all-nighters.

Lotus Seed And Watermelon To Release Bad Chemicals
Watching the soccers games every night can increase the “hot air” in your body. To counter this,
Bosco will eat more foods which are high in Vitamin C. “My favourite is fish belly soup, cause it’s good for your skin! As well as lotus seed water and watermelons! If I see it, I’ll definitely have it! I can drink a litre of lotus seed water in a day, because it can lower the ‘heat’ in your body, which will naturally reduce the amount of pimples you get. And watermelons has fibre and vitamin C, which helps internal organs. It also helps release the bad chemicals, fight carbon monoxide and counters aging effects.

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Kevin Cheng: Strong Bond But Short Time With Late Father

For a man to be unfaithful, this has been undisputedly accepted in common society. With the trend running down from fathers to sons, this has also been put down to genetics. For someone of the age and appearance of Kevin Cheng, you would expect for him to have a queue of girlfriends, but this is far from reality as he is still way off the mark.

There is a characteristic in Hong Kong society, which is 'not having much of an impression of Father'. When you are a child, you think you were born from a stone, or sprung from just your mother. It is only later in your development that you realise there was a male role model in the family called 'dad', but he is so distant, that you feel more comfortable thinking of him as an 'uncle'. And yet, the family links are strong in a strange way and when
Kevin talks about his father, the faint scent of their father-son bond can be detected.

"I don't have much of an impression of my father. He was always flying around and we rarely saw each other, so we were very distant. A stronger memory was when he came back to Hong Kong, he would take me and my sister swimming and to do sports, but really memorable events I find hard to recall. The strange thing is though, maybe it is genetics or just the influence of my father, I have inadvertantly picked up a lot of my father, such as some actions. Whenever he eats, he will make a fist with his hand and I don't know when this first started, but I will do the same thing. Also smoking, when as a child, I saw him smoking, I already felt that he was very stylish and masculine, so probably because of this, I started smoking when I grew older and I have only just given up in the last few years. My father had a lot of charm and even though we did not have a lot of time together, he had an amazing attraction that made people want to get close to him. Together with his ability to say the right things, he was very popular and this is the only thing I did not inherit from him.

"During my high school years, my father left this world and although we were not very close, he was still my father and I still wanted to show him the day I found success, so thinking back, this is a regret for me. My father studied in Australia from an early age and grew up and worked there, so he was half a Westerner and so he liked to enjoy life. I remember in our old house, there was a large bar that had many different varieties of fine wine. A meal at home would take a long time because after each course, he would take time to select the appropriate wine to savour with the food. I am quite tolerant to alcohol and when I was working in Taiwan, I would drink when I went out, but now I rarely drink, because of my work being so busy and not having time to go out and also because I would rather spend the time exercising or sleeping. When I go out for celebrations, I will still drink a little. For my father, there are many things that I do admire about him, but there are always things 'to do' and things 'not to do'. His infidelity is something I cannot accept. This cannot be accounted for by saying it is in a man's nature because there are many priorities in life. For a married man, he should put his whole heart into placing his family at Number One without any obstacle. If a man is unfaithful, this has a deep and profound effect on a family."

Life is like a stage and sometimes the stage can reflect life. In
Kevin's new series "Trimming Success", his character shares a loving bond with his father, played by Lau Dan. Speaking with Kevin about Lau Dan, the usual niceties were spared as Kevin revealed some of his own regrets.

"The feeling whilst filming with
Lau Dan was very warm. Maybe it is because he is a father himself, I found from him a very strong paternal warmth and I was very happy whenever I started work each day. The control of the artistes is very low, no-one can guarantee the ratings, so the success of 'Under the Canopy of Love' does not put any additional pressure on me. There are many factors within a series that can make it a success and there is no set formula or genre that is bound to do well. The trail of lovingness within this series is very strong, firstly with the father and son relationship and secondly with the light-hearted feel that turns rather dramatic towards the end. In one scene where I had to go and identify a body, I cried so hard I nearly broke down. Filmed in one take, I had to carry on for the whole scene and it was very hard work. After that scene, I was still quite unstable as I returned home, but that's because I am not a natural actor who can let go so easily and there is nothing I can do to change that. Some people are very good and can go from laughing and smiling to a devastating crying scene. For me to do an emotional scene, I cannot hold back and I have to get my feelings and emotions right, ready for when I am on set to let it all out."

Reporter's last word:
It's nothing to do with being greedy, but I love it when artistes offer to pay the bill after interviews as I have seen many who will sneakily pull out a tissue from their pockets to wipe their mouth and then pretend to answer a call and wave good bye. For this lunch,
Kevin called out three times 'Let me!" as he clearly made his intentions clear. Although as usual, he didn't have much of an expression to him, at least he still showed the warmth of the Chinese.

Wong Si Ming)

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The Sun

Bosco Wong Runs Away From Wedding

TVB Series, “Casino Crisis” 《賭場風雲》, were filming a wedding scene yesterday at a local village church. In the series, Bosco Wong Chung Chak (黃宗澤) and Tavia Yeung Yi (楊怡) falls in love and eventually marries. However, Bosco later discovered that the only reason Tavia was with him was because she accepted Michael Miu Kiu Wai’s (苗僑偉) money. So at the wedding ceremony, Bosco played in a “ran away” scene.

Yesterday, the several actors in the series were very engaged in their roles. In one of the scenes, Bosco even used great force to push Tavia’s arm away. Tavia, who eventually fell in love with Bosco in the series, cried til she was practically drowning in her own tears. Bosco joked, “When I was filming ‘Under the Canopy of Love’ last time, I ran away at the wedding; this time, I’m running away again.” When mentioning that he was acting opposite of Tavia this time, Bosco wittyly responded, “Poor me! My skintone is not as dark as her, so I lose!”

In the series, Tavia received breast implants to compete in a beauty pageant, and as a result, became a girl with a proud 36D figure. However, as one can see yesterday, Tavia’s figure returned to “normal”. It turned out that during the latter parts of the series, Tavia had another operation to get her old figure back, so that she can be together with Bosco in her most natural form. She said, “My waist is a lot more relaxed now. Previously, when I was wearing the fake breasts, the pain extended all the way to my neck. My back still hurts slightly even now. After all, I had to wear that thing for two whole months!” Tavia laughed and said that she was not used to seeing her figure now.

The crew will be heading to Philippines on June 7th to film outdoor scenes. At that time, she will have to wear the “fake breasts” again. Since the material used for the bra is quite thick, she is scared that she might develop spots around her chest area.

She said, “Actually, there are a lot of nice clothes that you can’t wear when you have large breasts, so that’s why I personally don’t want breasts this big.”

Jessica Hsuan Huen (宣萱) revealed that since the airplane they are taking to Philippines is too small, everyone is only allowed to bring 15 kg worth of personal items. She laughed and said, “My beauty products alone is more than that! Now I can only bring some beauty products and entertainment devices!”


Yesterday Bosco Wong, Jessica Hsuan, Tavia Yeung, Michael Miu, and others were filming a wedding scene at a church for 'Casino Crisis'. But while walking down the aisle, the groom, Bosco, suddenly leaves the bride Tavia and runs away, leaving Tavia teary-eyed. Bosco poked fun at Tavia for using a chest pad in the series, but during the wedding scene, she can finally be loose and open. With a breathe of relief, Tavia said, "When I was filming earlier, I had to be a 36D. After two months, my neck started to hurt. Now it is a relief, but I'm not a bit not used to it. When we were filming an outdoor scene earlier, some people actually thought my stature is actually that good!'

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Bernice Liu & Patrick Tang At Charity Event

Bernice Liu and Patrick Tang took part in a charity rice dumpling selling event yesterday and as well as helping to sell, they also did some singing. Bernice recently filmed a swimming scene with Shirley Yeung and Kate Tsui for new series "Operation Breakthrough" but she didn't have to wear a swimsuit because the story is that she does not know how to swim. She did have to help rescue Steven Ma though and massage him. Bernice says graciously that Kate and Shirley both have great figures. Asked if she felt Kate still looks a bit chubby on screen, Bernice says that the camera does make you look fatter and she is the same, but in reality they are all very skinny.

Patrick has been working out for his forthcoming charity superman event and he will be playing a male escort in a film soon, where he has a bed scene with Don Li, stroking his back. Patrick says the most important thing about these scenes is that you trust each other and laughs that Don has more to lose because he is younger. He says he will make sure he has brushed his teeth and had a shower to make it more comfortable.


Bernice Doesn’t Mind Having Limelight Stolen
Yesterday, Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) was at a charity selling event. Currently trying her hardest to stay fit, Bernice appeared at the event wearing a backless outfit; winning the approvals of many and making her feel real happy. Bernice
revealed that she’s been busy filming for her new series, “Breakthrough Action” (突圍行動) and when the reporters asked if she minds the water scene yesterday, when all her other female co-stars had to swimsuits [revealing their bodies], while she had to wear rather conservatively. Bernice just laughed and said, “It’s okay! My character doesn’t even know how to swim! But I did my part, such as when Steven almost drowned and I gave him a massage.”

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The Sun, Takungpao

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Charmaine Celebrates Birthday With Benny & Joe

Yesterday was Charmaine Sheh's 31st birthday and last night she held her birthday party. Guests that also went were 'boyfriend' Benny Chan and 'rumored boyfriend' Joe Ma. Although Benny is refered to as the boyfriend, he arrived late at 11. After cutting the cake with Charmaine, he quickly left through the back door.

When the reporters asked
Benny about it, he expressed that because he was filming series the whole day, he was very tired. The people that attended the birthday party were mostly the crew of "Dance of Passion". When Benny was asked what identity he used to attend the party, he said that he used the colleague identity.


Benny Gave Charmaine A Birthday Kiss
Gossip magnet Charmaine Sheh held a birthday party in Wanchai yesterday that was attended by top rumoured boyfriend Benny Chan and a host of other men, with whom she has been linked. Benny seemed to be proving his position as top dog as his gave his 'girlfriend' a birthday kiss that lasted a good 30 seconds.

For Charmaine's 31st birthday, Benny held the party for her in his own bar. Other guests at the party included many previously rumoured boyfriends, including Michael Tong, Joe Ma, Matt Yeung and Real Ting, who swept aside their rather awkward positions and celebrate with the birthday girl. As for fellow cast members from "Dance of Passion", only Kenny Wong attended, with no sign of the others. Also present were Annie Man, Iris Wong and Ellen Chan.

The birthday girl herself arrived alone in a taxi at around 10pm and Benny a short time after that, looking relaxed, despite having to face four strong rivals. It was reported that he was playing the host at the party to make sure all Charmaine's friends were well looked after. As midnight arrived and the cake was cut, the party reached a climax as Charmaine and Benny, who have been rumoured to have been dating for four years, shared a passionate kiss that lasted a while in front of all their friends, before acting like a married couple and raising the envy of those present.

After making clear his position in the race for Charmaine's affections, Benny was confident in leaving her in their presence as he left the party early at around 2am. Asked what present he had bought his girlfriend, the rather inebriated Benny replied oddly, quoting from a popular internet clip: "No pressure, we don't have any pressure." As the reporters returned the tagline: "Is it sorted?", Benny responded: "No, the problem's not sorted, not sorted!" before getting into the car. Afterwards, the other men left one by one and Charmaine herself left at around 5am with some friends.

When Benny was called later and asked if he felt awkward with so many other love rivals, Benny said: "I am just one of her 'rumoured boyfriends', not the real thing!" He also adds that he was just there to help out and did not buy her a present. Or perhaps he had already given it to her in the form of a long kiss!

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Moses Chan, Gigi Lai, Kenny Wong On Carol Cheng's Legal Quiz Show

Gigi Lai, Moses Chan, Sheila Chan and Kenny Wong were the guests during filming of a new series of Carol Cheng's legal quiz show and Gigi, Moses and Kenny were asked about the news that ratings for their series "Dance of Passion" were falling. Gigi is currently busy filming for "Psychic Cop" and has not had time to pay attention to the reports, but she laughs: "The show is good and exciting, so I will not worry about the ratings. If there is any revealing to do, then Moses will do it, that will have a good effect." Moses went down the hard sell route, saying that the show will climax in the finale and that there is a lot of excitement to come. He says he has never seen such a beautiful ending.

Talking of the remarks from
Kenneth Chan that the female stars of "Dance" are 'looking a bit yellow faced (old)', Kenny responded strongly by saying: "They must be too used to watching in black and white by saying people are looking yellow! It doesn't matter what other people say, why do you ask about this?" When Gigi heard this, she added: "They have Kenneth Chan, we have Kenny Wong!" Gigi just laughs at being called 'yellow faced', saying: "Yes, I will be an old yellow-faced woman when I get married in the future." Then she turned to Moses and said: "And you will have to marry one sooner or later!"

When the host
Carol saw Sheila, she immediately asked about her recent injury to her heel and Sheila pulled away a plaster to show a wound about the size of a thumb. She pointed out that she had snapped a ligament in her foot and smiled: "I don't have much of a bust, so I have to depend on my feet to get me work. Now I am looking for a plaster sponsor!"

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The Sun, Takungpao

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Michelle Ye: Brushed Off By "Breakthrough Action" Cast!

Kate Tsui, Shirley Yeung, Steven Ma, and Ron Ng were all filming a water scene at Tuen Mun yesterday, for their new series, “Breakthrough Action” (突 圍 行 動). Nearby working, was ATV’s anniversary series “Central Affair 2” (情 陷 夜 中 環 2) star, Michelle Ye, who happens to be shooting in that location, too! Seeing the cast and crew and wanted to the opportunity to promote herself, Michelle strolled over and greeted them, but no one paid attention to her!

Originally dressed in a conservative white blouse, an OL (office lady) image for her shoots;
Michelle happened to see TVB’s cast for “Breakthrough Action” filming with news reporters tagging along. Quickly changing into a revealing spaghetti-strap purple dress, casually walked over and greeted everyone. But to her dismay, no one acknowledged her! The cast later explained that no one knew MichelleMichelle that well to begin with. Willing to get on headlines at all cost, Michelle boldly trespassed into TVB’s set, and with the cool response in return, Michelle had no choice but left.

Steven, Ron, Shirley, and Kate were filming a water scene for their new series. Steven said, “In the scene it talks about all of us going for a swim, but I suddenly had a muscle cramp. Bernice [Liu] was nearby, and gave me a massage [to relieve it]. In the series, Bernice, Kenneth [Ma], and I will have a love triangle, while Ron, Shirley, and Kate will have their's. It’s going to be very interesting!”

Although dressed in swimsuits, both
Kate and Shirley were very shy about removing their bathrobes for their scenes. Bravely stepping up, Ron whipped off his, revealing his muscles. Normally a brave one himself, even Steven was hesitant with disrobing! “My body is not as fit as Ron’s. But if you help me overcome my doubts, I think I’ll look just as fit.”


TVB new series
"Breakthrough Action" consist of Steven Ma, Ron Ng, Shirley Yeung and Kate Tsui were filming for a swimming scene yesterday. Coincidently, Michelle Ye was there at the resort near them, when she saw the reporters coming, she quickly change her white T-shirt into a purple slipdress and even warmly waved to the people however no one reacted to this. Which made her left the scene angrily, later the actors expressed they felt her actions were weird.

Besides this, the scene requires them to walk and take off their bath robe at the same time. However
Steven Ma, Shirley Yeung and Kate Tsui were afraid of not appearing nice except for Ron who easily took off his robe and revealed his upper body.


Steven Ma, Ron Ng, Shirley Yeung and Kate Tsui were filming a swimming scene at Tuen Mun for new series "Breakthrough Action". Coincidentally Michelle Ye was filming an outdoor scene nearby. When she spotted reporters, she immediately changed from a white top into a purple skirt. She then proceeded to say hello to the TVB artists, but unfortunately they did not greet her back. Michelle left the place feeling annoyed. Later Steven and gang explained that they weren't close to Michelle, so they felt strange seeing her actions.

They were filming a scene where they needed to remove their bath robes while walking. However,
Steven, Shirley and Kate were rather shy to remove the robes; only Ron was keen enough to remove his to reveal his upper part of body.

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The Sun, Oriental Daily

Friday, May 26, 2006

Rumors: Benny Chan & Charmaine Preparing Marriage?

Benny Chan Earn Money While Charmaine Sheh Bought Apartment.
Recent news said that TVB actress
Charmaine Sheh is saving money to get married. There's also news that she has become a target of wealthy businessmen; who tried to lure her using a HKD2.8 million Ferrari. However, Charmaine was not swayed and the reason is because her heart is with Benny Chan. Benny Chan has also regarded Charmaine as his potential life partner and gave all his savings to her for buying house and investment, preparing to get married in next two years.

Over the past few years,
Benny concentrated filming in Mainland China and with the fee of HKD 60,000 per episode; he is already one of the popular actor in Mainland. Benny divulged to his close friend that he gave all his hard earn money to Charmaine for buying apartment. It has been reported that Benny has earned more than HKD 3 million in Mainland China, and he have transfered them into Charmaine's account.

In 2004,
Charmaine was seen holding hands with Benny at Sham Wan Tsuen to buy apartment. During the process, Charmaine was very relaxed and bought a two room apartment (655 square feet) worth HKD 4.02 million. The property was bought under her name.

It's a known fact that
Charmaine like to purchase properties as investment; with preference in ocean view apartment. Together with her existing apartment in North Point and another in Sham Wan Tsuen (500 square feet), both properties have estimated value of more than HKD 10 million. However, Charmaine really wished to purchase a double story lot.

Receiving Diamond Ring
Before this,
Charmaine has expressed her wish of getting married at 27 years old. However, she is already 30 years old and realized that she cannot plan much about getting married and having kids. Charmaine also expressed that she does not want to give up her career opportunities yet. However, she wants to be a full time housewife after getting married. Earlier, Charmaine denied that the huge diamond ring she received in the past was from Benny.

The reporter tried asking
Benny and Charmaine about their marriage plan. Charmaine, who is busy filming ["Pearl of Orient"], only smiled and didn't comment. As for Benny, he hesitated for 3 seconds and replied: "Wait until I save enough money and an apartment to collect rental, so don't need to worry much in the future."

Open Secret Engagement
Benny Chan also expressed that he prefers apartments around the area of Repulse Bay and South Bay, mainly because they have excellent ocean view. Therefore, his preference closely matched Charmaine's.

Charmaine and Benny started to have rumors since 2002. Even though they strongly denied it, they still go out together in public. Tabloids have even took pictures of Charmaine staying overnight at Benny's apartment. In 2004, there are rumors that they have secretly engaged and even owned joint properties. Charmaine has also been seen accompanying Benny to pray his ancestors. Their relationship has already become an open secret.

Benny Like To Charm Female Co-stars
2006 Caught going to Shanghai with
Ng Pei Ci
2005 During the airing of [
"Bitter Bitten"], involved in scandal
2005 Caught visiting strip dancing club
2002 Rumors with
Fan Bing Bing (Mainland China actress)
2001 Rumors with
Michelle Ye

2004 Apartment in North Point
Porsche worth HKD 1.3 million

Charmaine Has Numerous Rumors
2006 Accused as the 3rd party in
Joe Ma marriage breakdown
2004 Wealthy businessman presented a Ferrari F430 as a gift
2002 Rumors with
Benny started during filming ["Love is a Butterfly"], 2003 more rumors because living in same building
2001 Rumors with makeup artist
Kong Zhong Ping
2000 Become close friend with
Chilam in ["Return of the Cuckoo"], causing rumors with their intimate behaviour. After ["Point of No Return"], they decided to draw a line between their relationship.
1999 Become close with
Gordon Lam during ["Crimson Sabre"], 2001 denied relationship during ["Country Spirit"]
1998 Just entering into entertainment business, reportedly being pursued by Yan Chai GM;
Lee Nim Wai.

2003 North Point apartment; HKD 5 million
2004 Sham Wan Tsuen apartment; HKD 4.02 million
Since entering entertainment business,
Charmaine changed her car at least 4 times, in 2004 bought Benz SLK roadster worth HKD 500,000.

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Janice Doesn't Want Pretty Boys - Ron

Yesterday, Ron Ng and Janice M.Vidal attend the [Design Your Labels Jeans Project] Award Ceremony. Earlier with other award functions, Ron was said to be getting near with Janice however as seen from yesterday, two of them did not communicate much and even keep a distance when taking pictures together.

Ron was saying "Because both of us are from the same batch of fresh artistes and it's been some time since we last met up. So when we met each other here it is rather normal we talk more than usual." Ron also did praise Janice for being cute and asked if both of them had a chance to develop further ? He said "Now my career is my priority."

Design A Jeans Label Of Their Own
Janice says "Ron is nice, but we are just normal friends and I dont really like pretty boys because I'm afraid they'll be fickle-minded." Besides, they also help with the male and the female models and match up with the jeans. This is because they've got each different design and Ron's design had a zipper lock. So is Ron afraid that he'll be shoot of not zipping his jeans?

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