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Monday, May 08, 2006

260 Artists At TVB's Broadband TV Opening Ceremony

On Sunday, TVB held an opening ceremony to celebrate its entry into the broadband television market. It will have 10 paid channels in the broadband market. 260 TVB artists appeared at the opening ceremony event to celebrate. Bowie Lam, Angela Tong Ying Ying, Kevin Cheng Ka Wing, Bernice Liu Bik Yi and Steven Ma Chun Wai introduced the various channels that will be available.

TVB's executive,
Chan Chi Wan, promoted the new paid chanel service heavily. All of TVB's artists will receive 1 year of free viewership. Chan invited Bosco Wong, Nancy Sit, Eric Tsang, Paul Chun, and Lam Man Chung onstage to play a game.

Chan asked Bosco why he was so "kicking" in the game? Bosco said, "It's because I saw you!" Chan joked, "I thought it's because you sawMyolie Wu Hang Yee! Please remember to ask Myolie to apply [for the new TV channels]." Bosco said he doesn't know Myolie that well, while Chan continued, "But I heard on the news that you moved closer to her home!" Bosco was embarrassed and put on the spot, but he said he doesn't mind that TVB management joked with him as it's to create a fun atmosphere. The important thing is that everyone has a good time.

Reporters joked with Kevin Cheng that since he introduced the channels to the audience, he must be heavily favored by TVB. Kevin said happily, "Please don't say that. But I am grateful that TVB gave me this opportunity." Kevin also mentioned that he will be singing the theme song for new cartoon series ใ€Š่ปๆ›นใ€‹. Kevin said that 10 years ago, he had also sang the theme song to another cartoon series.

"Dance of Passion" received 36 points in ratings for its first episode, however the ratings for the episodes afterwards fell, therefore the average ratings for the first week was 34 points. Reporters asked Bowie Lam if he would be worried that ratings would continue for fall for this series? Bowie was full of confidence, "My character did not appear much in the first week. But in the second week, Gigi Lai Chi's character will marry me and our scenes together will be quite electric. So I am confident that the ratings will continue to rise."

"La Femme Desperado's" average ratings last week was 33 points, but its highest peak was 37 points, edging out even "Dance of Passion." Bowie said, "Both these 2 series are very good. It's been a very long time since the audience has followed HK series so closely. As to which drama will have better ratings, we'll have to wait until the end of their broadcast to find out."

Angela Tong will be returning to Canada for 3 weeks. Angela said that she will have an action packed agenda. "I will be a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding. Also my parents' birthdays are coming up and my father will appear in a Chinese opera performance."

Sonija Kwok Sin Lei did not appear at yesterday's event. Ms. Lok Yi Ling said that all the artists who appeared yesterday were not paid for their time. Sonija was busy filming an ad so could not appear. Also Kate Tsui Tsi San could not appear due to filming "Breakthrough Action."

[X] credit: Jayne @
Appledaily, Takungpao, The Sun, Wen Wei Po, Ming Pao


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