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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ada Choi Joins The Battle With Gigi Lai & Charmaine Sheh

The rumor of "Dance of Passion's" Gigi Lai and Charmaine Sheh fighting to sing the subsong caused fans to start a war. The siu sungs (Bowie Lam, Moses Chan) and four fa dans (Ada Choi, Gigi Lai, Charmaine Sheh, Maggie Siu) each gets their own support. Fans started a verbal battle on the "Dance of Passion" message board. At first, the battle was intense between Gigi and Charmaine. But after the airing of episode two last night, Ada manages to enter the stage as well, causing a turning point. Supporters for Ada are increasing and the thing is that Ada have not been attacked by other fans.

Fans attacked that the "Dance of Passion" is the 'bootleg' version of "War and Beauty" and the main focus point is on Gigi and Charmaine. Because the subsong was sang by Charmaine, Gigi's fans were critizing Charmaine of having a 'squeaky' voice. They also said that Gigi has several albums, therefore she does have the qualifications to sing the subsong. Gigi's fans even sent letters to TVB to complain about Charmaine singing the subsong and furthermore, even attacking her acting skills.

Charmaine fans were unwilling to show their weakness and counter-attacks. On the second episode last night, Ada finally enters the scene. Fans says that her acting deserves 100 points. Because Ada's role displayed an intrepid side when she first comes out, many praised that it was good. Always on the low-key, Maggie also has some loyal fans' support. All four fa dans have their own support, with
Ada currently in the lead. On the guys' side, Bowie and Moses were also praised, but the rumors will never be as lively as the girls.

"Dance of Passion's" first episode received 2.31 million audiences and it maintained the ratings for last night's episode.

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