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Monday, May 15, 2006

Ada Choi's Reflections On Fame & Fortune

The broadcast of "Dance of Passion" brought Ada Choi Siu Fun back to Hong Kong. Ada has been filming in China and her last TVB series was "To Catch the Uncatchable." Ada has returned home and she said that now is the time for her to reflect on the past and plan for the future.

Ada has been taking a "long vacation" from filming for the last few months. But she did not slow down. She returned to Hong Kong earlier to promote "Dance of Passion." At the same time, she had a hectic schedule with her gospel trip in Europe.

Ada said, "I filmed a lot of TV series in the last few years. Now is the time to take a rest and reflect. In the next few months, I don't want to accept any filming projects. Aside from promoting 'Dance of Passion,' I will be on a trip with Sheren Tang and Monica Chan in Europe. This is a rare opportunity; although I lost out on a lot of work opportunities, but I know what is most important to me!"

Since 2003, Ada has filmed 8 TV series, but only 2 were with TVB. Ada said, "Both the China and Hong Kong markets are important to me. If the script is suitable, it doesn't matter whether it is a China or Hong Kong production, I will accept it. Right now, I have 1-2 China series in discussion. I am also discussing a possible project with TVB as well. But the earliest I can start filming on my next series would be end of the year."

"Dance of Passion" features the hot cast of "War and Beauty." Ada's character in the series is almost as evil as "Yu Fei" in "War and Beauty." Ada said, "I am very grateful to have the opportunity to act in 'Dance of Passion.' The scripting for the character is very difficult; I needed a lot of time to understand it. She is a very smart, yet selfish and cunning woman. She is an evil character, but also has her good side. That's why I love and hate her at the same time!"

"I was very involved in the character during the filming of 'Dance of Passion.' During the filming process, I became very dominating, which is unlike my normal self. Also sometimes, I would snap at people randomly and afterwards I would realize what happened and I would say to myself, 'How come I just said that comment?' The production crew noticed my behavior and they were sometimes shocked!"

In many people's eyes, Christians often have golden halos above their heads. The entertainment industry is often characterized by fights for fortune and fame, does this conflict with Ada's religious beliefs? "Christians are not angels. We are also people. We will also pursue fame and fortune. But I know what is most important in my heart."

In 2004, there was a fierce competition at TVB for the Favorite Actress Award. There were many rumors that the female cast of "War and Beauty" did not get along with each other because of the fight for the Favorite Actress Award. At the time, Ada received strong support from audience's votes for her character "To Catch the Uncatchable," which had the highest ratings for the year. Ada was aware that she too was under the influence of desire for fame and fortune in that moment.

"Due to the audience's votes, I was always among the top 5 actresses with the most votes. TVB also asked me to take photos for the top 5 actress placement. So when the MC announced the top 5 on the night of the anniversary, I thought they would call my name and I was ready to stand up. I lifted my 'pat pat' off my seat already, but in the end result, my name was not called."

"My initial reaction was surprise, and then I immediately sat back down. Dayo Wong Chi Wah was sitting next to me at the time and felt it was unfair. But I paused for a moment and there was a voice inside me saying, 'What do you want the most? What do you want people to remember the most about you?' I know clearly what I want the most in life. It's not to say that fame and fortune are not important to me, but I will not let those issues trouble me!"

Epilogue: Within the 1 hour interview, Ada said that she was grateful about many things, such as the opportunity to film good series and the chance to go Europe on her gospel trip. Even in daily life, if Ada finds an easy parking spot, she will say, "Thank you God!" Although the reporter is not a Christian, he is grateful that Ada is filled with such happiness.

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