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Friday, May 19, 2006

Bernice Does Not Care About Moses' Rumors

Steven Ma and Bernice Liu were filming for 'Breakthrough Action' yesterday. Both of them were at a youth rehab centre (??) doing social work. They expressed that in real life, they have worked as social workers before. Steven said that the youth problems these days have grown worse.

There were news reports that
Bernice has been so busy at work to "get promoted", and thus neglecting rumoured boyfriend Moses Chan. Moses was also said to visit Angela Tong's house. Regarding this, Bernice said: "I've never seen the news!" (Do you mind Moses visiting Angela?) No comment. I want to focus on my work; there's no time to care about other things. (Have you neglected Moses?) Rumours are rumours, I want to focus on my work.

[X] credit: popcorn @ Tvb Square Forum
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