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Friday, May 19, 2006

Bernice Fighting For Popularity?

Bernice Liu's popularity rose to another level recently, gaining praises from TVB executive Lok Yi Ling and Paco (Gold Label boss). Bernice was said to be taking the initiative to look warm and friendly. She was seen to be extremely close with Paco when they were having a meal together with the other "All About Women" artists; the guy was constantly patting Bernice's back, causing the other artists to feel suspicious. Afterwards Paco avoided suspicion and openly praised Bernice.

Miss Hong Kong Pageant is coming soon; there might be more new girls entering the entertainment circle. Moreover Fala Chen has been greatly promoted; Bernice who has been in the circle for a few years fights back to strengthen her career.
Bernice had the opportunity to take part in the "All About Women" album. She even has 2 songs in the album, outshining her TVB colleagues. She even grabbed the spotlight by wearing a sexy outfit while singing and dancing, revealing her body figure. It was no wonder Charmaine Sheh stood up for the album's leading lady Miriam Yeung. Last week, after the album release conference, the company had arranged a group lunch/dinner for the artists. Ms. Lok's favorite, Bernice got to sit next to Paco. Although there were other fadans and singers there, but Paco looked highly upon Bernice; he even praised her singing and dancing. Bernice was ecstatic when he said she could release her own album.

Paco was seen to be patting Bernice's back. Both of them were so intimate that it caused Stephy, Kary, Vivien Yeo, Myolie, Sharon, and other crew to feel suspicious. However, all of them did not say a word. Bernice took the opportunity to ask Paco when she could sing a 'hit song', hoping that it would enter the billboard charts. Besides successfully going up close with Paco, she also wanted to do more advertisements. She took the initiative to get an advertising company's business card and contact number.

Reporters contacted
Paco regarding the plan to have Bernice to release her album. He admitted, "She has room for development in TV, movies and music." (Do you look highly on her?) She is good. I think the other artists at the "AAW" concert performed well, but Bernice and Myolie performed the best. Actually before the concert, I had a discussion on music with Bernice. (Paco looks highly on you) I put much importance on my work. People like my songs; I worked hard in my singing. Praises are a type of encouragement. (There's a rumour that Paco is helping you to release album?) If this is not true, I will not comment.

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