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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Bernice Liu Favoured By TVB

Bernice Liu yesterday attended a press conference with fellow fandans but was evidently favoured by their company, TVB. Besides being the only artist allowed to sing 2 songs which will be featured in the album ‘All About Women’, TVB executive, Mrs. Lok, chose to take photos with Bernice at the event.

Bernice’s two songs ‘Break Up’ (分手) and ‘Real Feeling’ (實情) will be featured on the anticipated album ‘All About Women’. Bernice expressed that she has always loved singing but has never thought that she would be able to have her own songs. Due to the great success for her first song ‘Real Feeling’, Bernice is pressured for her second song to be just as good. At tonight’s music show, Bernice will be singing 3 songs, one in which she will jamming with Justin Lo. When reporters brought up the fact that Bernice will be having more songs on the album than singing superstar, Miriam Yeung, Bernice stated how many songs one person gets is not a problem. As Bernice will be performing with Miriam and Stephy Tang on stage soon, she is learning off her two ‘elders’ and hopes that she will be not nervous while performing.

Myolie Wu who has been putting on weight for her role in ‘肥田囍事’, was evidently rounder when seen at the press conference yesterday. Myolie disclosed that she has reached 130 pounds. She will also sing 3 songs at the music show and will be dueting with Alex Fong and Justin Lo.

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