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Friday, May 19, 2006

Bernice Liu Finally Breaks Through In 5 Years

Some people say that because Bernice Liu Bik Yi studied business, she has been calculative about her career. Over the last 5 years, she has broken into leading lady status, entered the music industry, and won over many advertisement and brand endorsements. Also Bernice has always remained in the spotlight with her dating rumors. Actually those who are calculative are other people; Bernice has just blindfolded herself and rushed forward.

With your eyes wide open doesn't mean that you will not get hurt [in the struggle to fame]. Blindfolding your eyes doesn't necessary mean that you will be at a disadvantage. The lady of justice in front of courtrooms also has her eyes closed.

"I grew up in a small village in Canada. My home was very simple, without any servants. I had to take care of things myself and have long learned to be independent. In the beginning, I was not used to the life in Hong Kong. Whether it was work, the stress level, or the way the media operations, I went through an adjustment period."

Bernice Cried During Her "Virtue of Harmony" Years
"My first series was
'Virtues of Harmony.' I really have to thank Nancy Sit Ka Yin. During filming, there were often last minute changes to the script. When that happened, my father was not there to help me translate the script. Holding the script, I didn't even know how to read one word of it and was quite helpless. I cried several times because of this. But thanks to Nancy as she explained the script to me."

"Although I am Chinese, but Hong Kong is still a new place to me. Although this may sound cliche, but Nancy gave me a very warm and secure feeling. Within a short timeframe, I was able to immerse totally into work. Mrs. Tsang was also very willing to give opportunities to new people. Despite my early downfalls, I was able to pick myself up again. I am really grateful to Nancy and Mrs. Tsang."

Loss of Identity
"After filming for sometime, I became unhappy because of the nature of my work. I acted as a princess in
'Virtues of Harmony' for 300 episodes. It was like my image was set, so I felt I lost my own identity. But with the passage of time, my own personality came through again. Over the past 5 years, which is not a long nor short period, a lot of things have happened."

Losing Out on the Most Improved Female Artist Award
"Last year, I lost out on the
Most Improved Female Artist Award to Niki Chow Lai Kei. I was not unhappy because if there is public recognition, that's already something to be proud of. I like to act in series and continuously challenge myself in my career. If I focus my energies on competing with others, it will only hurt myself and my performance."

"In 'Breakthrough Action,' many people focused on the fact that I replaced Sonija Kwok Sin Lei in the cast, creating unecessary gossip. This series is an important turning point for me, as it is a departure from my previous roles. In past series, there were often veternan actors to lead the series, but this time, I am sort of on my own. I will place my energies on acting and nothing else."

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The Sun


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