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Friday, May 26, 2006

Bernice Liu Regrets Reports About Her Seeking For Attention

Not only does Bernice Liu looks pretty, her body makes many very envious. However, recently there were reports stating that Bernice has received many work opportunities due to her voluptuous body. It also states that she often uses her chest to attract the audience. Yesterday, Bernice went to Metro Radio to do an interview. When she was asked about the report, she reluctantly expressed that she can’t control the way the they write the report. She also doesn’t know what they will be writing about. It also depends on what angle their photographer used to take those pictures. Even if she wore a iee, they could still photograph her as if she is exposing!

Regarding to her body, Bernice indicated that she really has to thank her mother for it because her mother looks like her. She also acknowledges that she has a big chest, but it is definitely pure nature.

Bikini Ordered By The Company
Asked whether she would cover up more in the future, she said that it usually all depends on the event to decide what clothes she would wear. It is also possible that the company has made arrangements so it often isn’t her choice to decide what to wear. Would she refuse if the company arranges for her to wear a bikini? She said that she has 100% confidence in the company, so if the company arranges that she will definitely do it. Will she ask for the affirmation of
Moses Chan first before wearing the bikini? As soon as she heard Moses' name, she declined to answer.

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