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Friday, May 12, 2006

Bernice Liu & Steve Ma: 16 Year Old Lovers

Bernice Liu Bik Yi and Steven Ma Chung Wai were filming for "Breakthrough Action" yesterday.

They filmed the scene on the beach, where Bernice and Steven acted as 16 year old lovers. In the series, Bernice and Steven's characters fell in love with each other when they were only 16 years old.

Steven wore shorts, t-shirt and carried a big bookbag. Steven said, "It's pretty funny to act like a 16 year old in the scene. The director asked me to run after Bernice and make funny faces at her to make her smile."

Did this bring back memories of
Steven's first love relationship? "That's such a long time ago. I was only in Form 3 at the time. At the time we only went bicycling and swimming at the beach, a lot more innocent than what young couples would do together nowadays!" Bernice also wore shorts and had a big bookbag. Her hair was styled in 2 ponytails to suit her 16 year old character. Bernice said, "I found Steven to be very funny. Maybe it's because he's trying to play a character that is so far apart from his real age. When I was dating in school, I didn't know how to bicycle nor swim and I always had to go to dance practice, so we would usually meet up in the library."


Bernice & Steven Are First Loves In New Series
Steven Ma
Bernice Liu play first loves in a new TVB drama, "Dat Wai Hang Dung". Yesteday, the two were on the beach on a date and riding a bicycle where they thought back to when they were 16 and 17 years old. Playing a 17 year old, Steven wore shorts, a t-shirt and carried a backpack. It made him laugh that he had to dress like this, "It is very funny! We have to play first loves. The director even wanted us to chase each other around the beach and also act silly to make each other happy. It is actually vere immature and even I think it is hard to take! (After finishing today, will you be thinking back to your first crush?) It was already so many years ago! I was still in Form 3 then. When we were dating, all we did was ride bikes and go swimming at the beach."

As for
Bernice, it wasn't any better. She had to wear pigtails in her hair and shorts with a backpack. She said, "I think my character is very funny. Maybe it is because it is our age difference, so I have to exagerate a little bit but I don't find it hard to deal with. When I was dating in school, it was not like this because I don't really know how to ride a bike or swim so we would not go biking or to the beach. Maybe it was because I had to practice dance so we rarely saw each other, even if we did go out, it would be to the library to study."

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