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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bernice Liu To Have Kissing Scene With Steven Ma In "Breakthrough Action"

Ron Ng Cheuk Hei, Steven Ma Chung Wai, Bernice Liu Bik Yi, Shirley Yeung Si Kei, and Kate Tsui Tsi San appeared at the costume fitting for new series "Breakthrough Action."

Bernice said that her character will only be 16 years old in the series. Bernice will have a relationship with Steven, as well as a kissing scene. But due to their "age difference," wouldn't it look like a relationship between a middle aged man and a young teenage girl?

Bernice explained that their relationship is somewhat like puppy love, so it will not be awkward.

Steven said this is the first time he will be working with Bernice, so it is a refreshing feeling. Steven is also not afraid of awkwardness in their kissing scene. "I feel that Bernice is a very easy-going person, so it should not be a problem to film the kissing scene together. Actually acting as lovers with Bernice gives me a lot of anxiety, as she is very tall, so I am afraid that I will appear shorter than her."

Bernice will be singing the sub-theme song for "Breakthrough Action." Reporters teased Bernice that she is heavily favored by TVB. Bernice smiled and said, "I didn't consider whether I am favored or not. But I am happy that TVB gives me opportunities, so I will try to do my best."

Ron Ng's character will be a veterinary surgeon in the series. "Later in the series, I will take over my family's fashion apparel business. The series will have a lot of in-fighting among family members." Ron will be paired up with Kate Tsui. Since Kate often has rumors, is Ron worried that their partnership will result in many rumors as well? Ron said, "No, I'm not worried. I feel that I have learned from my own past experiences on how to deal with rumors, which is to just focus on doing my own part well."

Several days ago, there were news that Ron will be acting in a new upcoming series with music queen Joey Yung Cho Yi. Ron said that he has not received the official notice from TVB yet, so the details have not been finalized. How does Ron feel about a possibility of working with Joey? "It's just a form of work."

Shirley will be appearing as a villian in "Breakthrough Action." Her character is a fashion designer, so Shirley will be wearing a lot of beautiful clothes in the series. "Normally I don't know how to dress well, so I hope I will be able to pick up a few stylish tips in the series. Right now, I go running for 15 minutes each day, so that I will be in better shape and appear more fit."

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