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Monday, May 08, 2006

Bosco Wong Doesn’t Mind Being Teased

Bosco Wong Chung Chak (黃宗澤) was playing a tough twister game at the Paid Television Press Conference yesterday. When he saw TVB’s general manager, Mr. Chan Chi Wan, come on stage, Bosco immediately said, “Whenever I face you, I will stumble on my words.” Who knew, Mr. Chan turned it around and teased him, “I thought you only stumble on your words when you’re with Myolie!”

Afterwards, when Bosco was trying to recite the tough twister, he really did stumble! As he was trying to explain himself, Mr. Chan teased him again, “The more you explain, the more you’re just trying to cover it up. The important thing is that you remember to remind Myolie and her family to register for paid television!” Bosco defended himself and said, “We aren’t that close!” Mr. Chan didn’t give up of course, and joked, “Oh really? I heard you deliberately tried to move close to her!”

When asked about it later, Bosco claimed that he didn’t mind being teased.

With regards to Ron Ng Cheuk Hei (吳卓羲) fighting to sing the themesong for Japanese anime 《軍曹》and lost to Kevin Cheng Ka Wing (鄭嘉穎), Kevin said, “I wouldn’t use the word ‘fight’. There was no fighting. Whoever gets chosen by the company gets to sing it.” When asked whether he was especially favoured, Kevin initially pretended he couldn’t hear the question. Afterwards, he said, “I was just lucky the company gave me this opportunity!”

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Orisun, Ming Pao, Apple Daily, Takung Pao, Sing Pao


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