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Friday, May 19, 2006

Bosco Wong Works Out To Get A 6-Pack

Bosco Wong Gets a 6-Pack and Reaps in the Rewards of His Hard Work
Bosco Wong Chung Chak (黃宗澤) has been taking up a lot of advertisement work recently. Since he has to regularly go to the beauty salon to work out and keep fit, he was quite pleasantly surprised to find that his 6-pack has returned, and that his body was back in shape. Added with his rising popularity, he finally understood the principle behind the saying of the more labourious the work, the happier one will be.
Bosco became the spokesperson for Oasis Homme, and was shooting a series of photographs for the advertisements several days ago. Who would have guessed, especially since he had been working without rest for the last two years, that Bosco could’ve trained himself a 6-pack, and appeared with such a fit body on camera. He proudly said, “Before, I would keep up with my exercises every week. Sometimes I’d play soccer; sometimes I’d play basketball. But in the last couple of years, I have been very busy, and just didn’t have any time to do it. However, ever since I became the spokesperson, I am required to regularly work out. Over there [at the beauty salon], I could work out, as well as rest and relax a bit while I’m there. It feels great. The best thing was that I could get my 6-pack back again. My body shape improved a lot.”

It Was All Worth It
Bosco’s popularity rose rapidly this year. Besides this one, he also accepted three new advertisements. He said that he finally understood a principle, “When I was filming, I’ve experienced hurting my leg and being sent to the hospital. I even cried. Though it was very exhausting, it yielded really good results. That is, people are coming to me to shoot advertisements and commercials. Being able to make more money was worth going through all that hard work. Besides, I finally understood something: the more work I’m being put through, and the more series I film, the more people will notice me. I can then accept more advertisements and commercials. That is why I am not complaining at all. It’s even better that I am being worked so hard, because I know that money will continue to flow in.”

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The Sun


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