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Monday, May 29, 2006

Bosco’s Tips To A Healthy-Looking Body

This time, Bosco Wong Chung Chak (黃宗澤) isn’t playing the son of the wealthy man like in “Under the Canopy of Love”, nor is he the obedient child in “War of In-Laws”. Rather, he has taken on the role as the World Cup Ambassador. Bosco, who enjoys tanning and playing sports, spends most of his days busy filming. However, after becoming the spokesperson [of Oasis Homme], he can enjoy the benefit of using their tanning lights and slimming machines. Therefore, he won’t be afraid of staying up late at night to watch the World Cup, and stuffing himself with peanuts and soft drink. Bosco will give you five tips here, which give you a healthy fit look wherever you go. Let’s check it out!

Captain Of The Goal
As the World Cup Ambassador,
Bosco plays many sports well, including basketball, soccer, and swimming. “When I used to play soccer with my friends, I would be the goaltender. However, because I’m too busy with work now, on average, I can only play basketball once a month. It’s a bit more difficult if we want to play soccer, because it’s hard to gather enough people.”

Bosco is a fan of the Netherlands team, why? “Brazil has way too many supporters. England has a lot of fans as well. Netherlands is the ‘black horse’ [underdog]; I need to oppress the strong to help the weak. In reality though, I actually really like Ruud Gullit. I clearly remember his Bo Derek braided hairstyle; it’s really special kind of affection.”

Five Must-Do’s When Watching The Games
In order to be the World Cup Ambassador,
Bosco said that there are 5 things that he always does during the period of the World Cup event. Even though Bosco is a Netherlands fan, he doesn’t deliberately go out and collect Netherland jerseys. “If I see something special, I’ll buy it. However, I have a friend who knew that I became the World Cup Ambassador, so he gave me a Brazil jersey made in the 70s. Now that I think about it, I have about 8-10 jerseys already.” Bosco, the orange in the Netherlands jersey is nice and sharp. When put together with a matching orange soccer ball and running shoes, it’ll look great!

Working Hard To Stay Slim
Bosco says that whenever he watches the games, he likes to accompany it with soft drinks and peanuts. When you sit for too long, you could easily develop a big belly. To keep his muscles built, he would use the slimming machines whenever he finds time. “I only need to use it for 30 minutes, and it will redefine the lines around my abdomen, giving me a nice 6-pack. However, I don’t think that’s enough, so I do push-ups as well. But I do it sitting down. On average, I do it 100 repitions each time. This way, I can stay really fit!”

Actually, to quickly tone your abs, besides exercising, the most direct way is with the aid of machines. Some slimming fat-burning machines will use a principles of pressure in a vaccuum to redefine the lines on your body, so that your abs will reappear again.

Healthy Tanning With UV Lights
“I really like a bronze skintone. As a World Cup Ambassador, my skintone must be healthy. Whenever I have time, I will go to the beach and tan in the sun for half a day. But if I’m too busy working and can’t find time, I will use the tanning lights. Before you tan, you have to apply a protective layer of sunscreen. And then you tan for 10 minutes.”

Usually, the tanning machine is in the shape of a cylinder. When you lie inside the machine, both your chest and your back can be evenly tanned. The time it takes is also very short; each session only requires 9 minutes. In the beginning, you will have to tan every other day (your skin needs a mininum of 24 hours of rest). After 4 to 5 times, your skin tone will be evidently darker. Then you only need to tan once a week after that.

Do Facials To Hide The Look Of Exhaustion
Females aren’t the only ones to do facials. During the World Cup Games, the most important thing for
Bosco is the skincare process. He said that that he usually immediately goes home and watches the games after work, even it meant staying up all night and sacrificing sleep. That’s why your skin could dry up very easily. You don’t have to worry about this if you do a facial to revitalize and lock in the moisture, because it will make you look more energetic. No one will know that you’re tired even if you pull many all-nighters.

Lotus Seed And Watermelon To Release Bad Chemicals
Watching the soccers games every night can increase the “hot air” in your body. To counter this,
Bosco will eat more foods which are high in Vitamin C. “My favourite is fish belly soup, cause it’s good for your skin! As well as lotus seed water and watermelons! If I see it, I’ll definitely have it! I can drink a litre of lotus seed water in a day, because it can lower the ‘heat’ in your body, which will naturally reduce the amount of pimples you get. And watermelons has fibre and vitamin C, which helps internal organs. It also helps release the bad chemicals, fight carbon monoxide and counters aging effects.

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