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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Charmaine Celebrates Birthday With Benny & Joe

Yesterday was Charmaine Sheh's 31st birthday and last night she held her birthday party. Guests that also went were 'boyfriend' Benny Chan and 'rumored boyfriend' Joe Ma. Although Benny is refered to as the boyfriend, he arrived late at 11. After cutting the cake with Charmaine, he quickly left through the back door.

When the reporters asked
Benny about it, he expressed that because he was filming series the whole day, he was very tired. The people that attended the birthday party were mostly the crew of "Dance of Passion". When Benny was asked what identity he used to attend the party, he said that he used the colleague identity.


Benny Gave Charmaine A Birthday Kiss
Gossip magnet Charmaine Sheh held a birthday party in Wanchai yesterday that was attended by top rumoured boyfriend Benny Chan and a host of other men, with whom she has been linked. Benny seemed to be proving his position as top dog as his gave his 'girlfriend' a birthday kiss that lasted a good 30 seconds.

For Charmaine's 31st birthday, Benny held the party for her in his own bar. Other guests at the party included many previously rumoured boyfriends, including Michael Tong, Joe Ma, Matt Yeung and Real Ting, who swept aside their rather awkward positions and celebrate with the birthday girl. As for fellow cast members from "Dance of Passion", only Kenny Wong attended, with no sign of the others. Also present were Annie Man, Iris Wong and Ellen Chan.

The birthday girl herself arrived alone in a taxi at around 10pm and Benny a short time after that, looking relaxed, despite having to face four strong rivals. It was reported that he was playing the host at the party to make sure all Charmaine's friends were well looked after. As midnight arrived and the cake was cut, the party reached a climax as Charmaine and Benny, who have been rumoured to have been dating for four years, shared a passionate kiss that lasted a while in front of all their friends, before acting like a married couple and raising the envy of those present.

After making clear his position in the race for Charmaine's affections, Benny was confident in leaving her in their presence as he left the party early at around 2am. Asked what present he had bought his girlfriend, the rather inebriated Benny replied oddly, quoting from a popular internet clip: "No pressure, we don't have any pressure." As the reporters returned the tagline: "Is it sorted?", Benny responded: "No, the problem's not sorted, not sorted!" before getting into the car. Afterwards, the other men left one by one and Charmaine herself left at around 5am with some friends.

When Benny was called later and asked if he felt awkward with so many other love rivals, Benny said: "I am just one of her 'rumoured boyfriends', not the real thing!" He also adds that he was just there to help out and did not buy her a present. Or perhaps he had already given it to her in the form of a long kiss!

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