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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Deep Ng Gives Up Nightlife

Last month, Deep Ng was filmed leaving his girlfriend Nancy Wu behind and going to the karaoke with two female companions. Immediately rumours were spread that the two had broken up and also that, because of this matter, he was frozen by his company. However, earlier he was riding his bicycle and exercising basketball during the day. In the evening, he went out with his girlfriend to buy midnight snacks and then happily returned to their love nest. It seems like not even the wind can come between them (打風打唔甩).

Deep has always been surrounded by many negative news, but since he has acknowledged that he and Nancy were dating on this year’s Valentine’s Day, he gained many points in regards with his image. However, last month he was filmed to go to a karaoke bar with two female companions behind his girlfriend’s back. One of them was EO2’s member Eddie his girlfriend and the other Jacqueline Zhuang, a girl from a wealthy background. Immediately, there were reports that he was frozen by his company and also because of this matter, that his girlfriend wanted to break up.

Exercising Skills For A Movie
However, earlier the reporter saw
Deep exercising for a new movie during the day and in the evening, he met up with his girlfriend Nancy. It seems that their love hasn’t been influenced by it. Earlier, in the afternoon around four o’clock, Deep was dressed in a cycle attire to ride with his favourite bicycle. He went to a nearby village residence to exercise and after about 45 minutes, he returned home to rest. Not long later, he went to Kwun Tong to play basketball. It turns out that he is exercising recently to prepare for a new movie to be filmed in Shanghai, because there were many movement scenes in this movie. Therefore, he worked hard to train his skills. That evening, around midnight, his girlfriend Nancy brought him home. Nancy parked her car at a public parking spot near Deep’s home and quickly leaves the car with her lover. The reporter only saw Deep holding a bag of goods, which seems to be a midnight snack for the two of them. Although, they have been dating for a while, but from the short walk to his home, it seems that they are still very much in love. Immediately when they reached the building, Deep inserted the password to open the gate and entered the building with his girlfriend. Until very late, Nancy still hasn’t left. Maybe because Deep will leave Hong Kong soon to film a movie, both of them treasure the few opportunities that they can still see each other.

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