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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ella Continues To Be Asked About Ron

Ella Koon yesterday attended a charity karaoke competition and said, “I love singing k’. When reporters used a homophone for Ron Ng (Ng Chuek Hei)- ‘Ng Cheung K’ (don’t sing karaoke) to ask if she sings k with Ron, she immediately said, “No comment.”

Ella then changed the topic, saying that she has spent less time with her family due to work. This then made reporters question if her mum is curious about her relationship with Ron. Regarding this, Ella said, “My mother and I are good friends. She trusts me and does not care about my rumours.” Ella then revealed that when her mum watched a passionate scene with her in it, her mum instantly found it hard to breathe.

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