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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Girlfriends Concert Recap

The "Girlfriends" concert featuring Miriam Yeung, Charmaine Sheh, Bernice Liu, Myolie Wu, Linda Chung, Sharon Chan, Vivien Yeo, Stephy Tang and Kary Ng was held over the weekend. There were more than 1,000 ecstatic fans present at the concert.

CHARMAINE SHEH - Charmaine made the first appearance by singing the subtheme song to "Dance of Passion."

BERNICE LIU - Bernice sang three and a half songs, including a duet with Justin Lo, exceeding even the number of songs that Miriam Yeung sang. Bernice appeared a low-cut pink top and had a fast dance with Justin. Bernice gave Justin a hug to demonstrate her happiness in their first time collaboration. But the media made a big deal about Bernice's close contact with Justin.

MIRIAM YEUNG - Miriam's peformance brought the show to its final peak. She performed 3 songs in total at the concert.

MYOLIE WU - Earlier Myolie's weight increased to 130 lbs due to her upcoming "Bridget Jones" role. However due to stress for the upcoming "Girlfriends" concert, Myolie's weight again went down. Myolie said that gaining weight is no easy feat! Myolie's parents attended the show to cheer their daughter. During Myolie's rendition of Justin Lo's "Erica" song, Justin said that Myolie performed the song very well, especially the emotion that she displayed in her eyes. Myolie also performed a duet with Alex Fong.

VIVIEN YEO - Vivien played the piano and sang during her performance, displaying her multi-talents.

STEPHY TANG & KARY NG- The media thinks that Stephy and Kary's performances were outshined by TVB female artist performances.


Held by TVB's broadband TV channel, the "Girlfriends" (aka "All About Women") Concert took place yesterday night. Not only did the concert included professional singers, like Miriam Yeung, Stephy Tang, Kary Ng, Justin Lo, and Alex Fong, TVB's actresses such as Bernice Liu, Myolie Wu, Charmaine Sheh, Linda Chung, Sharon Chan, etc, were also present. Because the performance was the actresses' first timer, all of them were really excited. They felt so much relax after they finished their part. Linda Chung even had trembling hands when she sang as she just rushed to the concert after filming a series.

Among the actresses, Bernice was given the most performing opportunities, while also was the most striking one. Although in the beginning she lost some of the lines when she sang, she picked up on herself and did a marvelous job. Not only did she sing Cantonese and English songs, she also had a hip-hop dance. After she sang a duet with Justin, she even hugged Justin. When being asked about her performance, Bernice said she wasn't aware that she had messed anything up. She also denied the fact that TVB purposely let her have more opportunities. She said TVB did the arrangements based on the actresses' filming schedules. When being asked if she felt pressure when she sang with Justin, she said she knew that Justin is really good in singing. Besides, all the other singers were really nice to her, helping her to ease the pressure. But the main source of pressure reliever actually came from her little dog, accompanied her throughout the rehearsal. Talking about her parents, Bernice almost had tears in her eyes, stating that her mom had to change flights three different times from Canada to watch her show.

As Myolie had gained quite some weight, she felt exhausted when she performed. After singing her song from "War and Destiny", she said it felt like she had just ran hundreds of meters. And after she sang Justin's "Erica", she joked that she had just ran another 200 meters. Although she felt difficulties when she sang, she was quite satisfied with her performance, while also praised the others. She said although no music company had invited them to take part, TVB had given them a chance of releasing an album. Myolie has always loved to sing. She wishes that someday she will be as successful as Joey Yung, and will have her own concert in "Hung Gun" someday.

In responding to Bernice's hug, Justin said it was just a gesture. He also had hugged with Miriam before, but it was really nothing. He said Bernice sang pretty well, and Myolie's performance on "Erica" was good as well. When the reporter asked him about whether there are places that the actresses can work on, he said he has no place in judging them. He said they are all professional actresses, and even have better eye expressions than him as they sing.

Although Miriam was given the last part (a quite important part) to sing, Bernice outshone her as Bernice sang more songs. Miriam said she didn't mind in the number of songs she sang, but being part of the concert is already a good thing. She also said because of allergy in her windpipe, she had sung one song less. She praised the actresses' singer as well. She also modestly said that she is the newbie, instead of the actresses.

When Charmaine was singing with Alex and Justin, she was lost at first as the two guys were singing and dancing at the same time. Charmaine also skipped some lines, and could only respond by laughing. Afterwards, Charmaine claimed that she is quite satisfied with her performance, saying that remembering the lines is already really good. The audience also gave good responses. She has gained confidence after this show, but yet there are still rooms for improvement. She is also the only one that didn't wear red that night, but she said TVB didn't notice her that they need to wear red.

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magnolia_sara @ Tvb Square Forum

The Sun, Tungstar, Appledaily, Mingpao


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