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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Inside Scoop Of Girlfriends CD & Magazine Spread Of Bernice, Myolie, Charmaine

Miriam Yeung
Miriam said, "Last year there was an 'All About Men' CD and this year we follow with the 'Girlfriends' CD."

I like the idea very much, as I also get a chance to work with TVB artists. I think it's a great idea that TVB has its artists sing the theme songs, as it allows them to develop another skill and it gives a more personable feel to the series."

Bernice Liu
Bernice's first recording was for "Virtues of Harmony's" theme song. But Bernice did not get a chance to have her own single until the 'Girlfriends' album. Her theme songs "The Truth" (Into Thin Air) and "Break-up" (Breakthrough Action) will be featured in the album. Although Bernice can not read Chinese, she memorized the correct pinyin pronounciations in order to sing the songs. "I know the lyrics are very well written and convey the feelings of the song very well." The song "Breakup" is about a scene in "Breakthrough Action," where Bernice and Steven Ma's characters will break up.

Charmaine Sheh
Charmaine's tragic character in "Dance of Passion" as well as her hauntingly beautiful sub-theme song for the series can easily make people cry. "I am not sure whether my song has been well received or not. Singing is not my strength, as I don't practice singing often. It takes a long time to practice singing for a song. It's not the same as filming a series, where you will gradually improve with more filming experience. But I am very happy to have a song that belongs to me, as I can sing it next time I perform at [an overseas] concert."

"This song was also difficult to sing as it was written to suit the pre-modern era of 'Dance of Passion.' So the diction is different than a regular modern song.

Myolie Wu
Myolie's acting talents are widely recognized; even Liza Wang has opened pointed out her skills. As for singing, Myolie's voice is not bad either. "When I was 16, I entered a singing competition while I was still in school in the United Kingdom. I won the 'Most Potential Award' at the singing contest."

The song title for "War and Destiny's" theme song is also the same phonetical sound as Myolie's Chinese name "Hang Yee." The song title was specially chosen to fit Myolie, as a gift from the Producer.

"When I found out the title of the song, I was very excited. This is a song that completely belongs to me, [bearing even my name in the song title]. I did not want to disappoint the album production crew, so I have been practicing the song and enunciation of the lyrics carefully. If I am more familiar with the lyrics, then the album recording will result in less NG's."

Linda Chung
Linda loves to sing. After she arrived in Hong Kong, she has been practicing her Cantonese by singing karaoke. Linda's career is just starting to kick off, so she is very excited about the opportunity to record a single. "After I participated in Miss Vancouver, there were some malls that contacted me to sing live. After I came to Hong Kong, I have filmed for other artists' music videos. But I can't believe I now have an opportunity to record my own single."

On the day of the interview, Linda was filming "Sau Sun Chuen" and haven't slept for 4 days straight. "It was a miracle that despite the hectic filming schedule, I was able to do the single recording. The lyrics for the theme song of 'Sau Sun Chuen' were very difficult to memorize. I translated the pronounciation into English first. But thankfully the producer was able to help me. The series centers around mythical themes so it's quite cartoonish, lending a modern feel to the song. Although the lyrics were tough, the tune was easy to sing."

Sharon Chan
Seven years ago, when
Sharon was only 20 years old, she had recorded songs but the album was never released in the market. "This time, releasing my single, I feel like my baby has finally been born! I am very happy about this opportunity to release a song under TVB."

Sharon recorded the theme song for "Lau Chu Yau Ching Yan". During the recording, the music producer left her alone in the room and told her to think about the last time she broke up, so that she can inject the proper emotions in the recording. "I felt very sad when the memories came back. During the peak, I almost cried out loud."

Vivien Yeo
Vivien bears a physical resemblance to Stephanie Sun Yin Chi. Vivien entered TVB from the 2004 Miss Chinese International. Vivien has been learning to play the piano since she was a young girl and is a grade 7.

"I am very excited about the opportunity and happy to utilize my piano playing skills. I will be singing Ron Ng's rendition of 'Don't Blame Him' in the album. Ron sang the song very well; if I don't sing it as good, there will be public criticism. So I spoke with Ron and asked who is his music teacher. After I found the contact info, I took a few lessons to prepare for the recording."

Stephy Tang
Stephy often sings duets, but working on the 'Girlfriends' CD has been a new experience for her. "Although 9 of us are releasing an album together, but we have not collaborated together before. We have not met each other either, so the feeling is quite mysterious. It's not the same experience as Cookies; it's a more mature feel this time."

Stephy's past music style has been sad ballads, but her theme song for "Love Guaranteed" will have a more relaxed style.

Kary Ng
Since working solo,
Kary's weight has dropped below 100 pounds. "I have been feeling nervous and excited, as it is a rare opportunity to work with so many tv artists. Earlier I met Bernice Liu while we were at the Jade Solid Gold Awards Ceremony. I didn't realize that she is unable to read Chinese and relies on English pinyin to act and sing. But her enunciation during singing is great. It would be nice to be able to work with Bernice again in the future."

This time Kary will be working closely with good friend Stephy. The song is about Kary falling for a guy and the guy not returning her feelings. Stephy, as a good friend, steps in and comforts Kary in the duet. The song reflects the friendship that Kary has with Stephy in real life.

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TVB Magazine #465


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