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Friday, May 26, 2006

Janice Doesn't Want Pretty Boys - Ron

Yesterday, Ron Ng and Janice M.Vidal attend the [Design Your Labels Jeans Project] Award Ceremony. Earlier with other award functions, Ron was said to be getting near with Janice however as seen from yesterday, two of them did not communicate much and even keep a distance when taking pictures together.

Ron was saying "Because both of us are from the same batch of fresh artistes and it's been some time since we last met up. So when we met each other here it is rather normal we talk more than usual." Ron also did praise Janice for being cute and asked if both of them had a chance to develop further ? He said "Now my career is my priority."

Design A Jeans Label Of Their Own
Janice says "Ron is nice, but we are just normal friends and I dont really like pretty boys because I'm afraid they'll be fickle-minded." Besides, they also help with the male and the female models and match up with the jeans. This is because they've got each different design and Ron's design had a zipper lock. So is Ron afraid that he'll be shoot of not zipping his jeans?

[X] credit: Ron Ng supporter @ Hk @ Tvb Square Forum
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