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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Kevin Cheng & Others Promoting New Series At Stanley

Tomorrow evening will be the first broadcast of new TVB series “Trimming Success”. Yesterday, numerous artists went to Stanley to attend the promotion function, including Kevin Cheng, Nnadia Chan, Lau Dan, Halina Tam, Wayne Lai and Yan Ying. There they visited an old-style hair salon and old neighbourhood with its residents. They also handed out pink cloves to celebrate Mother’s Day.

One Foot On Two Boats Is Not Allowed
They also went to the hair salon that they have used during the filming period where coincidentally an official is having a hair cut. Kevin immediately took the scissors from the hair stylist to cut the customer’s hair. Under Lau Dan and the stylist’s instructions, he cut it like a professional. The official even took out his mobile phone with a satisfied expression to take a picture with Kevin as a souvenir.

In addition, when talking about the series that Nnadia and Sharon will compete with each other over one guy, Kevin. He was asked whether he was involved in such a situation before in real life. Regarding this, he said: “In high school, there was one time when several girls liked me. I went to a boy’s school and after school, the girls will come over to my school gate and wait for me! But after I grew up and started dating, this has never happened before. I will also definitely not allow these kind of situations to happen. A triangle love is very difficult and I will not voluntarily look up trouble.

Nnadia Will Not Pay Attention To The Internal Bomb
Moreover, earlier
Nnadia discovered a tumour in her womb that requires surgery. Asked whether she has arranged the time yet, she frankly said: “I want to bring out my new album first! [Isn’t that almost the same as having a time bomb in your body?] I just went to the doctor and he said that I don’t need to worry too much about my condition. Therefore, I want to use this time period to do the things that I want to do first. However, the surgery will be carried out within this year.”

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