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Monday, May 01, 2006

Kevin Cheng Starts To Work Out To Tone His Muscles

Recently Kevin Cheng has been chosen by a filament body company as their spokesperson. With the salary as high as 2 million Yuan, he agreed to sign as a spokesperson for two years. To pursue perfection, Kevin recently has been going to the gym and has found a trainer to exericse his muscles.

With more than 10 years in the showbiz, he has never had a topless picture of him. But this time, he will break the chain and let the audience look at him, which will surely make all of the girl fans scream. At first
Kevin was a bit reluctant but after the company's plan, Kevin has confidence to break free from his good boy image, "In this 10 years, I really haven't had a topless picture taken of me. (Do you have any psychological barriers?) If the picture is good then I don't mind. That is why I am starting to go to the gym to workout. Although it is boring, I just listen to music while I'm working out!"

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