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Monday, May 22, 2006

Kevin Cheng To Show Off Chest Muscles In New Ad

Kevin Cheng Ka Wing is the new spokesmodel for slimming company 「變靚D」. Kevin appeared as one of the judges along with Maria Cadaro and Kent Tong Jun Yip in a slimming contest. Kevin will be appearing in a new muscular image for the company's upcoming slimming ads. Although Kevin did not reveal the amount of money he will be receiving for the new ads, he did mention that it is the highest fee he has ever received for an ad.
Kevin revealed that he will be the spokesmodel for 2 years. Although the fees were good, he will not appear in swimming trunks nor tight pants for the new ad. He will only reveal his chest muscles for the photo shoot.

"I love to eat. After I signed as the spokesmodel for this ad, I had to control my diet. Mental control is the most important."

Does TVB mind that you will be taking sexy photos? "No, for men as long as the photos are healthy, then that's fine. But this time will be a very good opportunity for me. I can have a gentleman image and also a sporty/ energetic image as well."

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