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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

"La Femme Desperado" Celebrates High Ratings; Raymond To Film New Series In China

"La Femme Desperado" received good ratings in last week's broadcast, averaging 33 points and peaking at 37 points. Cast members Raymond Lam Fung, Melissa Ng and Michael Tse Tin Wah were happy about the good ratings and appeared on Metro Radio to announce the ratings themselves. They opened champagne and hugged each other tightly to celebrate.

Raymond revealed that each time his series is broadcast in Hong Kong, he has to film overseas. In another week, Raymond will be going to mainland China to film a new series with Alex Fong Chung Shun. The good news is that the new series will not be an ancient drama.

Melissa Ng just returned from China after finishing work on "Tai Chi." Melissa was very happy that upon returning to Hong Kong, the audience addressed her by her character's name in "La Femme Desperado." Melissa is delighted by the positive response that the series is getting.

On the other hand, Michael has not received the same response from the audience. Michael's bad character has resulted in the audience scolding him when he goes out on the streets. Michael could only politely say "Thank you for watching" in response. The worst is that when Michael goes shopping for groceries in the street markets, he no longer gets a discount anymore.

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