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Friday, May 26, 2006

Leila Tong In "Housewife Reinforcement"

Leila Tong has always put on a good girl image, but her characters in her drama series keep getting older. In her latest series "Housewife Reinforcement", she will play a troublemaker among the housewives.

Leila thinks that her character this time is very challenging; besides that she gets to collaborate with Cecilia Yip, Kiki Seung and Sheren Tang. She said: "This is the second time I collaborate with Sheren. The first time was in "Aqua Heroes" in which I acted as her daughter. This time my character will be a troublemaker; this is because in the series, my best friend committed suicide due to being gossiped by the housewives. However the housewives can't be sued, so I want to seek revenge for my best friend."

[X] credit: popcorn @ Tvb Square Forum
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