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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Michelle Ye At 'Central Affairs 2' Radio Promotion

ATV's "Central Affairs 2" was broadcast on Monday. Michelle Ye Suen, Mak Ka Kei, and Chan Bo Yuen were guests on a radio program promoting for the new series. Michelle originally wanted to go to Patrick Tse Yin's house to watch the series premiere with other cast members, but could not attend last minute due to scheduled filming requirements. Michelle ended up watching the premiere at ATV's studio instead.

Although "Central Affairs 2" will be broadcast in the same timeframe that "Dance of Passion" is being shown, Michelle is full of confidence for the ratings. She hopes that average ratings will increase by 3 points as compared to the original prequel. If ATV were to hold a ratings celebration at the beach, Michelle would wear a swimsuit to attend, but not necessarily a bikini.

Earlier Kenneth Chan Kai Tai boldly said that the female cast of "Dance of Passion" were all old. Michelle said that Ken has his own opinions and often she would consult his opinion on various matters for work. Michelle also said that she thinks the female cast of "DOP" are all beautiful. "Central Affairs 2" and "Dance of Passion" both have different styles, but feels that "Central Affairs 2" has its attractive qualities too.

Since the filming of "Central Affairs 2" started, there have been numerous rumors about the cast not getting along with each other. Michelle explained that everyone gets along with each other and their primary concern is to achieve ratings success.

Chan Bo Yuen will be getting married next month. He will be marrying his girlfriend of 4 years on June 11th and will hold a small banquet for his family and relatives. He will treat his colleages for dinner next time.

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