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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Michelle Ye: Brushed Off By "Breakthrough Action" Cast!

Kate Tsui, Shirley Yeung, Steven Ma, and Ron Ng were all filming a water scene at Tuen Mun yesterday, for their new series, “Breakthrough Action” (突 圍 行 動). Nearby working, was ATV’s anniversary series “Central Affair 2” (情 陷 夜 中 環 2) star, Michelle Ye, who happens to be shooting in that location, too! Seeing the cast and crew and wanted to the opportunity to promote herself, Michelle strolled over and greeted them, but no one paid attention to her!

Originally dressed in a conservative white blouse, an OL (office lady) image for her shoots;
Michelle happened to see TVB’s cast for “Breakthrough Action” filming with news reporters tagging along. Quickly changing into a revealing spaghetti-strap purple dress, casually walked over and greeted everyone. But to her dismay, no one acknowledged her! The cast later explained that no one knew MichelleMichelle that well to begin with. Willing to get on headlines at all cost, Michelle boldly trespassed into TVB’s set, and with the cool response in return, Michelle had no choice but left.

Steven, Ron, Shirley, and Kate were filming a water scene for their new series. Steven said, “In the scene it talks about all of us going for a swim, but I suddenly had a muscle cramp. Bernice [Liu] was nearby, and gave me a massage [to relieve it]. In the series, Bernice, Kenneth [Ma], and I will have a love triangle, while Ron, Shirley, and Kate will have their's. It’s going to be very interesting!”

Although dressed in swimsuits, both
Kate and Shirley were very shy about removing their bathrobes for their scenes. Bravely stepping up, Ron whipped off his, revealing his muscles. Normally a brave one himself, even Steven was hesitant with disrobing! “My body is not as fit as Ron’s. But if you help me overcome my doubts, I think I’ll look just as fit.”


TVB new series
"Breakthrough Action" consist of Steven Ma, Ron Ng, Shirley Yeung and Kate Tsui were filming for a swimming scene yesterday. Coincidently, Michelle Ye was there at the resort near them, when she saw the reporters coming, she quickly change her white T-shirt into a purple slipdress and even warmly waved to the people however no one reacted to this. Which made her left the scene angrily, later the actors expressed they felt her actions were weird.

Besides this, the scene requires them to walk and take off their bath robe at the same time. However
Steven Ma, Shirley Yeung and Kate Tsui were afraid of not appearing nice except for Ron who easily took off his robe and revealed his upper body.


Steven Ma, Ron Ng, Shirley Yeung and Kate Tsui were filming a swimming scene at Tuen Mun for new series "Breakthrough Action". Coincidentally Michelle Ye was filming an outdoor scene nearby. When she spotted reporters, she immediately changed from a white top into a purple skirt. She then proceeded to say hello to the TVB artists, but unfortunately they did not greet her back. Michelle left the place feeling annoyed. Later Steven and gang explained that they weren't close to Michelle, so they felt strange seeing her actions.

They were filming a scene where they needed to remove their bath robes while walking. However,
Steven, Shirley and Kate were rather shy to remove the robes; only Ron was keen enough to remove his to reveal his upper part of body.

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Ron Ng supporter @ Hk & Popcorn @ Tvb Square Forum
The Sun, Oriental Daily


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