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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Michelle Ye Suffers Knife Injury On Set Of 'Central Affairs 2'

Michelle Ye Suen was filming a scene for "Central Affairs 2" yesterday in which her character would seek revenge on Chan Bo Yuen by stabbing him. Unfortunately, ATV was filming with a real knife and Michelle accidentally stabbed her own thigh; she was sent to the hospital and received 6 stitches.

At 2 AM in the morning, Michelle was at the studio filming for the scene. The director requested that Michelle use a real 6 inch knife for the close-up scene for more realistic results. The plan was to use a fake knife when it was time for Michelle to stab Chan Bo Yuen's substitute dummy figure.

However, the production crew could not find a realistic looking fake knife on set, so they used the real knife instead. During the stabbing process, the dummy figure moved out of position and Michelle accidentally stabbed her left thigh instead. Michelle cried out in pain as blood oozed out of her thigh. Michelle was rushed to the emergency room and received 6 stitches.

As ATV is rushing to finish the filming of "Central Affairs 2" since the series has started broadcasting already, Michelle could not have a long rest and returned to work last night at 7 PM. Taking into account her injury, Michelle filmed mainly scenes where she sat at her office desk.

Michelle said, "At first, I questioned why we had to use a real knife. But the director said that he wanted to use a real knife for the close up scenes. We have been filming for more than 10 hours straight to complete the filming process; there was no time to stop and think for too long. I asked the choreographer to hold on tight to the dummy, but the position still moved. The scene spoke of me closing my eyes and stabbing Chan Bo Yuen's character 3 times. On the 3rd stab, I stabbed my own thigh, resulting in a wound one inch deep. When I pulled out the knife and saw blood rushing out, I was so scared I couldn't tell if it was fake or real blood anymore."

Allegedly other artists have also suffered injuries on set of "Central Affairs 2." Chan Bo Yuen also got his hand and leg wounded by a real knife while Kam Yin Ling hurt her head because the choreographer did not help her to position herself correctly for the scene. But Michelle only said, "It was an accident; no one is to blame."

The first episode of "Central Affairs 2" received good results, superceding the prequel by 2 points. "We will have a promotional event for the series at the beach. But the doctor said that I will have a scar from the injury. My friends suggested that I have the scar removed later."

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