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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Moses Chan, Gigi Lai, Kenny Wong On Carol Cheng's Legal Quiz Show

Gigi Lai, Moses Chan, Sheila Chan and Kenny Wong were the guests during filming of a new series of Carol Cheng's legal quiz show and Gigi, Moses and Kenny were asked about the news that ratings for their series "Dance of Passion" were falling. Gigi is currently busy filming for "Psychic Cop" and has not had time to pay attention to the reports, but she laughs: "The show is good and exciting, so I will not worry about the ratings. If there is any revealing to do, then Moses will do it, that will have a good effect." Moses went down the hard sell route, saying that the show will climax in the finale and that there is a lot of excitement to come. He says he has never seen such a beautiful ending.

Talking of the remarks from
Kenneth Chan that the female stars of "Dance" are 'looking a bit yellow faced (old)', Kenny responded strongly by saying: "They must be too used to watching in black and white by saying people are looking yellow! It doesn't matter what other people say, why do you ask about this?" When Gigi heard this, she added: "They have Kenneth Chan, we have Kenny Wong!" Gigi just laughs at being called 'yellow faced', saying: "Yes, I will be an old yellow-faced woman when I get married in the future." Then she turned to Moses and said: "And you will have to marry one sooner or later!"

When the host
Carol saw Sheila, she immediately asked about her recent injury to her heel and Sheila pulled away a plaster to show a wound about the size of a thumb. She pointed out that she had snapped a ligament in her foot and smiled: "I don't have much of a bust, so I have to depend on my feet to get me work. Now I am looking for a plaster sponsor!"

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The Sun, Takungpao


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