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Monday, May 15, 2006

Moses Chan Pretends To Be A Chef: Pizza Didn’t Work Out

Yesterday, Moses Chan attended the opening ceremony of the flagship store of a French-style bistro at Causeway Bay. He received a chef’s attire with his name sewed on it. He immediately put it on and followed the chef to learn to make French pizza’s. Generally, he likes to cook, but this was his first time making pizza, so at the beginning he was quite clumsy. His second pizza was a success, though.

It was Mother’s Day yesterday, but since his mother has gone back to Australia, he could only wish his mother happiness and a good health through the media. He said: “My mother’s health isn’t very good, that is why this morning the first thing I did when I got up was to send her a message. [What gift did you give to your mother?] I didn’t give her anything! I will make it up to her when she returns to Hong Kong again. Actually my mother doesn’t want anything. As long as my brothers and I are happy and healthy, she will also be happy. Actually, all the mothers are the same. They all want more time to talk to their children instead of more gifts. [Your mother doesn’t want material things, but will she urge you to get married and give her grandsons?] I haven’t heard her say these kind of things!” He also said that holidays aren’t that significant to him, because as soon as he finishes work he will immediately go home.

Full of confidence for the series “Dance of Passion”
In addition, referring to the falling ratings of
“Dance of Passion” in the first week, he expressed that he isn’t worried that it will continue to fall. Because there is definitely no problem with the quality of this series. He believes that the ratings will become better and better. As for the fans saying that the plot is very poor, he said that about this question one should ask the producer. To his knowledge, it was the producer who intentionally arranged the subplot as he hoped that the audience would have more things to contemplate about. Therefore, there will be continuously surprises. Regarding the fans of Charmaine Sheh and Gigi Lai having an online war of words, he urges them not to fight over the fact who has the best performance. The best is that everyone did a great job.

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