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Friday, May 19, 2006

Ms. Lok To Help Myolie Wu & Bernice Liu Release Personal Music Albums

On its first day of release on May 18th, the "Girlfriends" CD sold 10,000 copies. Plans are in effect to immediately produce more copies. Executive manager, Ms. Lok Yi Ling, held a special press conference with Myolie Wu Hang Yee and Linda Chung Ka Yan in attendance.

"Girlfriends" CD received very positive results. Ms. Lok laughed, "This is due to the collaboration of many different people. Also it rides the popularity of 'Dance of Passion' broadcast."

Is the CD selling better than
'All About Men?' Ms. Lok said, "The sales for 'All About Men' were also very good. But Paco Wong is surprised that the TVB female artists have such good vocals and potential. He is very interested in further collaboration."

Ms. Lok also revealed that Mark Lui Chung Tak and Justin Lo have praised Myolie for her abilility to control her vocals and her singing talents. So Ms. Lok will try her best to assist Myolie and Bernice Liu Bik Yi in releasing a future personal album.

Reporters asked if Myolie has improved her vocal control after gaining weight. She laughed, "When looking in the mirror lately, I feel that my looks have improved!"

There has been recent gossip that due to Paco Wong's pat on Bernice's back, Bernice will have a good chance in releasing her personal music album. Before Myolie could respond, Ms. Lok said, "I was present that night too. Paco was only patting Bernice's back to give support."

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The Sun


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