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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Myolie At Radio Program Interview

Myolie Wu took part as a guest host on a radio programme earlier and talked about her music loves as well as some stories from before she entered showbiz.

Myolie chose Andy Lau's song "Practice" to share with the listeners, because she really likes Andy and she felt that the lyrics to this song were encouraging and meaningful. She says that she has met Andy once and remembers he was wearing a white tracksuit as he chatted to her. She felt very happy to hear that Andy had watched her series.

For the
'Women in Red' concert, Myolie chose to sing Justin Lo's song "Erica" and she says that she once heard that when male singers choose to name their songs after a girl's name, then the song is usually telling of their own true story. She finds that if a singer is able to share their own stories in their songs, this is very romantic and brave. She adds that if one of her ex-boyfriends write a song about her, then she might even go back to him!

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