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Friday, May 19, 2006

Myolie Eats Till She Has Difficulty Breathing!

Yesterday Myolie Wu was at a sushi restaurant as an honoured guest. She even learned how to make sushi with the sushi chef. Myolie thinks that if a woman has good cooking abilities, she can definitely attract a man: "I used to cook for my boyfriend. Of course he didn't dare to say if the food was not delicious!"

Myolie will begin filming 'Fei Tin Hei Si' next month. She has worked hard to increase her weight for her role in the series. Myolie still weighs 130 pounds; her target is 140 pounds: "Now I eat 5 meals a day. Actually the amount of food I eat is equivalent to about 7 meals. There was once when I ate too much; my stomach was full and I had difficulty breathing".

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