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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Nnadia Chan Has Tumor In Uterus

Nnadia Chan Chung Ling, Kevin Cheng Ka Wing, Sharon Chan Man Chi and Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung appeared at an event yesterday to promote the upcoming broadcast of "Trimming Success" in Hong Kong. Earlier there were reports that Nnadia's uterine tumor came back. Nnadia did not deny her health condition and said that within 3 months, she will undergo an overseas operation to have the tumor removed.

Nnadia said that she does not wish to talk about her health condition, as she does not want it to become a topic in the tabloids. She does not want her mother to know and worry. Also Nnadia does not want her name to be associated in news headlines as having an illness, in which case the tumor may be benign but later turn malignant.

Nnadia said that she will face the situation positively. However it will affect her in certain ways; for example her body is quite weak now. Reporters asked if this would affect Nnadia's ability to have children in the future? Nnadia said hopefully that it wouldn't.

During their filming collaboration in "Trimming Success," Sharon Chan Man Chi was unaware of Nnadia's health condition. However Sharon said that due to filming the series, she has suffered significant hair loss. Since her image in the series required her to keep her hairstyle long, the hair ends became split and weak. She is using a hair growth formula right now.

Producer Leung Choi Yuen said to Kevin Cheng that the 3 series which Leung produced, Kevin took part in. Kevin said, "Now is the time for me to challenge myself. I have been in the industry for 13 years and I am at my happiest point now." Kevin will also be appearing as a guest at Lau Ka Cheung's concert.

However "Trimming Success" is available in Bit Torrent download. Kevin said helplessly, "Fans told me earlier that they have already seen this series under Bit Torrent download and said it was a good show." Although Kevin is happy that the audience is satisfied, he stated that they shouldn't download series online, as it is illegal and violates copyright laws.

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