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Friday, May 05, 2006

Rain & Traffic Jam Crowns Ella & Vincent 'Lateness Queen & King'

Ella Koon, Vincent Wong and Charles Szeto yesterday attended a function. Ella, who is known for being late all the time, arrived 15 minutes late and was seen rushing onto stage at the event. But she was not the last person to arrive, Vincent was the ‘lateness king’ yesterday, as he turned up 20 minutes after the function started. Thankfully, he arrived just in time for his turn to do an exercise dance with a health professional.

‘Lateness Queen’ Ella used the raining excuse for arriving late. Ella said, “Luckily I arrived! It was raining so the car could not go fast.” Ella revealed that a guy once took on a fast car trip ride to ask her out. After the speeding ride, Ella never contacted the person again, she said, “I never called him back after that. I hate people who speed.”

‘Lateness King’ Vincent explained that because of the rain, there was a major traffic jam at the tunnel. Being late, Vincent was extremely sorry.

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