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Friday, May 19, 2006

Raymond Lam Does Not Like World Throne, Only Loves Beautiful Women

HK actor Lam Fung has been named spoke person of China's Online game "Wind and Cloud" due to his popularity arising from TVB serie "Twin of Brothers" as "Kau Jong". The game is designed in 3D and follows many story plot as "Twin of Brothers" by focusing on the Sui and Tang Dynasties. It also has many characters from the series such as "Li Shi Min" ("Lee Sai Man"), "Li Jing", etc...taking setting in cities of Chang An, Luoyang, etc. Main characters such as "Kau Jong" and "Tsui Chi Ling" encounter many different obstacles and challenges throughout the game.

Base on the novel,
"Kau Jong's" love story is the main sentimental which readers most remember. "Kau Jong's" first love being "Li Xiu Ning" ("Lee Sau Ling") and then later, his unexpected love interest being "Song Yuzhi" ("Song Yuk Chi"). This love-hate relationship intentionally result in a marriage proposal. "Kau Jong" afterward gave up dream of conquering the Throne for sincere love. Such a story is hard for readers to forget.

In the game, the storyline line is very much the same. It is this feeling of choosing the woman over power and throne which has captured many general audience's heart.

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