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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Raymond Lam: New 'Office Lady Killer'

Due to the recent success of "La Femme Desperado," Raymond Lam Fung has become an "office lady killer." Due to Raymond's younger man/ older woman romance with Melissa Ng Mei Hang in the series, Raymond has become the object of fantasy among middle-aged women.

"La Femme Desperado," Raymond's character had a crush on teacher Melissa for many years and finally expresses his love for her. Despite Melissa's frequent rejections, Raymond still remains steadfastly in love with her.

"La Femme Desperado" had very good ratings. When Raymond goes out in public, people would call him by his character's name, "Siu Chai". "That shows that the audience has accepted my role. At first, I was afraid that the audience would be too conservative and not accept the older woman/ younger man relationship. So we had pressure during filming. However we finally decided to approach the acting from a humorous angle. I'm glad the audience's reaction is positive, so I am happy."

In real life, Raymond was once the object of affection by an older female as well. "When I was in high school, I participated in some extra-curricular activities, so it was easy to mix with students in higher grades. I heard from a friend that there was a girl in a higher grade who liked me. But at the time, I was not interested in dating. But I am not opposed to dating older women. If she is 3-5 years older than me, that's fine. At least our mentality is about the same so it is easy to communicate."

But Raymond laughed, "Whether the woman is younger or older than me, I have no ability to enjoy it. My manager does not allow me to date. I don't mind because I really don't have time to date due to my work schedule. Lately I have been filming frequently in China and don't have a lot of time in Hong Kong. As an actor, my time schedule is very unstable, so it is very difficult to maintain a relationship. Which woman will be willing to date me? I will focus on work for now."

The reporter pointed out Raymond's recent rumors with Sharon Chan Man Chi and his assistant Mei Mei during the filming of "Tai Chi." Raymond explained, "Everyone knows that I have a brother-sister relationship with Sharon only! As for the incident with Mei Mei, I knew there were reporters present when they took our photos together. I guessed they would make up a story to go along with the publication of the photos, but what they write is out of my control! Afterwards, I felt bad about it and had to console Mei Mei."

Raymond said that he has learned a lot since being in the industry for 8 years. "In the past, I would get upset about the fabricated rumors that the press would print. But now I don't have the energy to deal with them! I know this is how the paparazzi operates, but it is beyond my control. So sometimes I will not even bother reading the rumors!"

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