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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ron Broke The Law.....Again

Ron who was the recent uprising TVB stars and with popularity up-growing with it. Naturally his self-worth will definitely increase by folds. Last week, Ron Ng was with his friend and was heading to [Y-3] store to buy stuff; he had also waved to the reporters. Although Ron was concentrating shopping however his car was parked on the lot at side path especially for the police car, he was lucky enough that he did not get caught and he escape this calamity.

Last week,
Ron Ng with his good friend were going towards Causeway Bay's new street to do shopping and as the particular period was the prime time, so there were not much parking lots left for Ron. Ron only had heart in buying clothes that he didn’t even hesitate in parking the police car lot. While having his car settled down, he went down to the [Y-3] store. [Y-3] was a brand cooperated by a world-class Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas, therefore the clothes sold off there brought off a refined yet sporty type of feeling which attracted quite alot of stars.

Immediately after entering the shop, he went to the male section and started selecting, he finally settles on the two sweatshirts of same type and 2 T-shirts of the same kind. Each of the type had a black and white colored so it was up to see which fitted his choice.
Ron took down his hat to enter the fitting room and try the clothes he just picked from, and every time he tried on one, he will move out of the room and let his friend comment on it. When he was trying the clothes he notices the reporters and then he pointed to the reporters standing outside the store to alert his friend. After that when he left the store he waved the reporters.

When he took his bag to pay, he noticed another black jacket and he immediately took it to try on in the fitting room. However it did not fit his taste so he had to return the jacket back to the salesperson. Although
Ron had tried alot of clothes which took up half an hour of his time. The receipt had printed two clothes he bought and then left the store. After buying, they headed to their car which was parked on the police car lot and luckily they didn’t get caught which escape from being 'robbed'.

[X] credit: Dawn @ Ron Ng Forum
Ron Ng supporter @ HK @ Tvb Square Forum


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