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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ron Ng Blushes Upon Chest Contact With 2R

Ron Ng Cheuk Hei and 2R, Race & Roseanne were at a promotional event for Cathay Pacific's 60th anniversary promotional giveaway. Ron, Race, & Roseanne all wore Cathay Pacific T-shirts and did a mini-catwalk showing off the airline's bags as well.

Afterwards, Race and Roseanne signed their autographs on Ron's chest. Upon contact, his face immediately blushed.

Afterwards Ron insisted that he did not blush because of embarassment. "We had known beforehand that the autograph session would occur. So I was not embarassed. But I felt a little odd, as it was my first time have other people sign on my chest. Luckily my chest is broad enough so the girls had space to sign their names!"

Aside from promotional fees, will Ron be getting any additional benefits in promoting for Cathay Pacific? "I wish I did; the best is if I could get promotional airline tickets! I have flown on Cathay before and a flight attendant requested to take photos with me. She gave me a free bottle of champagne too!"

As for 2R about what benefits they would like to get from Cathay, they said, "The best thing is that we get lifetime discounts when flying. If it can't be lifetime, then 5 years is good too!"

Reporters mentioned that Ron blushed when 2R signed autographs on his chest. Race denied this, "That shouldn't be. I already knew Ron before since we filmed a movie together. We also had a hugging scene in the movie!" (What did Race feel when she hugged him?) "His chest is very muscular!"

Mother's Day is coming up on Sunday. Since Ron will have to work, he will not be able to celebrate with his mother until after work later that night. Ron said his mother is practical, so he will be giving her a cash gift. 2R already flew back to Singapore earlier and celebrated Mother's Day with their mom, giving her a designer purse as a gift.

[X] credit: Jayne @
Appledaily, Takungpao


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