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Monday, May 08, 2006

Ron Ng Uses Rumors As An Energy Source

Rumours come with popularity, and Ron Ng is a good example of this. Ron becomes popular after acting as a handsome pilot in "Triumph in the Skies", not only he becomes TVB favourite star, he also is favour by the advertisement companies. In that period of time, all news about Ron is positive, but after he gets more and more popular, negative news starts to come.

“Human fears of popularity, pigs fear of being fat” is a Chinese common saying. In a short period of time,
Ron is forces to face all kind of rumours. Ron says it is like a roller coaster, which is really exciting. Indeed in the entertainment community, it is just a roller coaster, you don’t know when you would be popular, neither do you know when your popularity will drop, and you need a strong heart to stand this excitement. Ron when facing these rumours, he decides to skip it.

More Strikes, More Valuable
Although there are many negatives news around
Ron this year, but this has help him a lot. This makes Ron grow up, and understands you won’t be famous forever, and now he knows he needs to improve his skills. Ron says these have taught him how to face and solve problems, it does not hurt him, but makes him more enthusiastic. Although Ron may be not as famous as last year, but he has tried many different kind of jobs, like acting in a film and releases an album, and it is a good experience for him.

Starts Again, And Let The Rumours Go
Although people say
Ron is not as popular, and Bosco is more popular than him, Ron says he understands and hopes there are many people working in the entertainment career. And this has not hurt the friendship between Ron and Bosco, but has encouraged him to work harder. Last year Ron become the first young star in TVB to release an album, Ron says this has gave him lots of pressure, because he is not one of the singing group. But Ron says he enjoys the perform in the stage, because it is different to acting, since you cannot NG, and this has satisfied him.

Cannot Write Poem
There is also news saying that after
Ron has been famous, he starts to pretend he is important. When filming "Revolving Doors of Vengeance", it was said he scolded to the director. When filming "Men’s Pain", it was said he makes a poem to insult Toby, and he was always late. Ron says the news does make him unhappy, but he cannot help it. Ron also says they are all untrue, and he still needs to face more of this. “I know Toby because she enters the entertainment career. When the magazine says I write a poem to insult her, we laugh together at the magazine.” Ron also says that he would be happy if he is smart enough to write a poem.

Laugh At The News Not Promote By TVB
Now, it is said
Ron and Kevin are enemies, although they both disclaim it, but it is said Kevin uses the contract problem to get favours from TVB. Ron said, “Kevin and I are not enemies, and we can only laugh at those news. Although we have not film together, but we has promote TVB together.” There are news saying Ron is not promote by TVB anymore because there are too many rumours around him. Ron says TVB treats him very well, and trust him. They know Ron did nothing, and comfort him that he should not be unhappy. Ron also says TVB didn’t give pressure to him.

Love Life Can Be Left Behind
Ron and Ella’s rumours start when they are filming RDOV. They also pretend they do not know each other in function, but reporters see Ron taking Ella home. Ron said, “this is old, and I don’t want to talk about this. I hope audiences can focus on my working (are you dating anyone now?). No, because career is more important for me now.” Ron is a dancer, and he should be really good at dancing, but people always say he cannot dance. Ron understands that “1 minute on stage, 10 years off stage”

Picking Up Dancing Skills
Ron first changes his career from a dancer to an actor, he was going to keep his dancing skills. But he has one series after another, and he don’t even have resting time. So there is no time for him to practice his skills, sometimes he needs to perform before he knows the dance. Ron said, “Although I was a dancer, but I haven’t dance for 5 years, because I have been acting. You know when you film, you don’t even have time to sleep, so I don’t have time to practice my skills. But it is good people gives comment to me, so I know how to improve, and when I was a singer for three months, I try very hard to practice dancing.”

Sing And Act
After people’s comments on
Ron’s dancing skills, comments on his singing skills come. Ron says he would not be unhappy, because this makes him know he got this problem. Ron says he has only been a singer for three months, and it is like a quick class. Ron says he would practices harder, because he is interested to become a singer as well. Ron now starts to film "Breakthrough Action", and he acts a different character this time. Ron needs to pair up with Kate, who also has lots of rumours around her. Ron hopes he would only focus on his acting because he cannot control what people says.

[X] credit: Lisachan25 @ tvbsquare forum


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