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Friday, May 26, 2006

Rumors: Benny Chan & Charmaine Preparing Marriage?

Benny Chan Earn Money While Charmaine Sheh Bought Apartment.
Recent news said that TVB actress
Charmaine Sheh is saving money to get married. There's also news that she has become a target of wealthy businessmen; who tried to lure her using a HKD2.8 million Ferrari. However, Charmaine was not swayed and the reason is because her heart is with Benny Chan. Benny Chan has also regarded Charmaine as his potential life partner and gave all his savings to her for buying house and investment, preparing to get married in next two years.

Over the past few years,
Benny concentrated filming in Mainland China and with the fee of HKD 60,000 per episode; he is already one of the popular actor in Mainland. Benny divulged to his close friend that he gave all his hard earn money to Charmaine for buying apartment. It has been reported that Benny has earned more than HKD 3 million in Mainland China, and he have transfered them into Charmaine's account.

In 2004,
Charmaine was seen holding hands with Benny at Sham Wan Tsuen to buy apartment. During the process, Charmaine was very relaxed and bought a two room apartment (655 square feet) worth HKD 4.02 million. The property was bought under her name.

It's a known fact that
Charmaine like to purchase properties as investment; with preference in ocean view apartment. Together with her existing apartment in North Point and another in Sham Wan Tsuen (500 square feet), both properties have estimated value of more than HKD 10 million. However, Charmaine really wished to purchase a double story lot.

Receiving Diamond Ring
Before this,
Charmaine has expressed her wish of getting married at 27 years old. However, she is already 30 years old and realized that she cannot plan much about getting married and having kids. Charmaine also expressed that she does not want to give up her career opportunities yet. However, she wants to be a full time housewife after getting married. Earlier, Charmaine denied that the huge diamond ring she received in the past was from Benny.

The reporter tried asking
Benny and Charmaine about their marriage plan. Charmaine, who is busy filming ["Pearl of Orient"], only smiled and didn't comment. As for Benny, he hesitated for 3 seconds and replied: "Wait until I save enough money and an apartment to collect rental, so don't need to worry much in the future."

Open Secret Engagement
Benny Chan also expressed that he prefers apartments around the area of Repulse Bay and South Bay, mainly because they have excellent ocean view. Therefore, his preference closely matched Charmaine's.

Charmaine and Benny started to have rumors since 2002. Even though they strongly denied it, they still go out together in public. Tabloids have even took pictures of Charmaine staying overnight at Benny's apartment. In 2004, there are rumors that they have secretly engaged and even owned joint properties. Charmaine has also been seen accompanying Benny to pray his ancestors. Their relationship has already become an open secret.

Benny Like To Charm Female Co-stars
2006 Caught going to Shanghai with
Ng Pei Ci
2005 During the airing of [
"Bitter Bitten"], involved in scandal
2005 Caught visiting strip dancing club
2002 Rumors with
Fan Bing Bing (Mainland China actress)
2001 Rumors with
Michelle Ye

2004 Apartment in North Point
Porsche worth HKD 1.3 million

Charmaine Has Numerous Rumors
2006 Accused as the 3rd party in
Joe Ma marriage breakdown
2004 Wealthy businessman presented a Ferrari F430 as a gift
2002 Rumors with
Benny started during filming ["Love is a Butterfly"], 2003 more rumors because living in same building
2001 Rumors with makeup artist
Kong Zhong Ping
2000 Become close friend with
Chilam in ["Return of the Cuckoo"], causing rumors with their intimate behaviour. After ["Point of No Return"], they decided to draw a line between their relationship.
1999 Become close with
Gordon Lam during ["Crimson Sabre"], 2001 denied relationship during ["Country Spirit"]
1998 Just entering into entertainment business, reportedly being pursued by Yan Chai GM;
Lee Nim Wai.

2003 North Point apartment; HKD 5 million
2004 Sham Wan Tsuen apartment; HKD 4.02 million
Since entering entertainment business,
Charmaine changed her car at least 4 times, in 2004 bought Benz SLK roadster worth HKD 500,000.

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