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Monday, May 08, 2006

Takes 3 Hours To Record Bernice's New Song

Later in May when the new CD "Lui Yee Hung" is released, Bernice will have 2 songs featured on the album. Besides "Sat Ching", there is the sub themesong for the new series, "Dat Wai Hang Dung" called "Ho Yau" (Good Friend). The album company specifically hired a professional to write the lyrics and also hired producer Gary Chan to produce the song for Bernice.

Bernice always wants to do her best, she did some homework and research to prepare for the recording. She had the lyrics switched to pinyin and also asked some friends to explain to her the story behind the lyrics. Bernice explains, "To me, I'm still an amateur at singing. This song (Ho Yau) is a sad story. I remember the day I received the lyrics and then my friend explained the story behind it, I was very touched. In a song, besides the melody, the lyrics are important as well because when if you are focused and concentrated, you will sing with a lot of emotion while recording the song.

As for her upcoming concert,
Bernice is happy that she will be able to share the stage with Miriam Yeung and feels very lucky. The past few days she has been practicing her singing and dancing non-stop and hopes she can sing well that night.

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