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Friday, May 12, 2006

When Shy Moses Meet Initiative Charmaine

Intro: In "Dance of Passion" (DOP), "Sung Tung Shing" and "Ka Chun Fen" have a deep and painful love. They were supposed to be engaged, but "Chun Fen" married "Tung Shing's" best friend instead. However, "Tung Shing" is one who slept with her and because of their relationship, they were punished to [Sky Torching]. Fortunately, they manage to overcome all obstacles and end up together finally. In the series, "Tung Shing" and "Chun Fen" are passionately in love, but Moses and Charmaine seem very cool about love in real life. The reporters asked them whether they have feelings for each other and also their perspectives in marriage...

Do you have feelings for each other?
Charmaine says; "I have filmed many series, so I know how control myself. I know how to distinguish between reality and work. Actually, we filmed together for more than 3 months, we see each other more than our own family! After filming end, I started to miss him, so I guess my feelings are moved! (Note: Charmaine is just joking).

Even though her character went through a lot of harrowing events,
Charmaine doesn't think being a woman was so difficult back then. Instead, she feel being a modern woman are harder, because of the high divorce rate nowadays. "In the past, most women are not highly educated and they can't choose their marriage, plus they can't remarried after divorcing. Actually, unable to get remarried has it's benefit; you'll treasure your marriage and won't divorce easily." Charmaine also added that if she get married, she won't divorce so it's not easy to convince her into marriage. It's difficult for a woman to find a suitable man and maintain a family. Nowaday, men is not the most important thing for a woman, they can choose to concentrate on other things, such as career.

Moses: "I'm more grounded and clear. You have to be responsible for your own feelings, so you can't really fall for the other person while filming. I think that "Hei ga qing zhen" (fake acting but true feelings) are just an excuse. Human beings have logical mind, they can't use true feelings all the time. I never fell for my co-stars.

On divorce rate: "People nowadays only care about their own feelings. They don't think much for the other person and when they're unhappy, they just consider divorcing. Actually, marriage is like a lifelong learning, people must compromise toward each other, and try to save their marriage.

After hearing his comment,
Charmaine said that Moses is not a good partner, but also a good soulmate. Hearing praises from Charmaine, Moses immediately blushed. Moses is very shy in person. Though he was an ex-model, when Moses was asked to pose intimately with Charmaine, he frozes. After some initiative from Charmaine, Moses loosened up.

Charmaine laughed: "He's really funny, he blushes easily. But it's okay when you get to know him better. He's very optimistic, it's happy working with him and I'm not afraid of having rumors with him.

Moses explained: "It's strange, even though we worked together before, I'm still shy and blushed easily. Maybe my skin is too thin." He added that even though he studied abroad, he still think man and woman should keep a physical distance.

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