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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ada Choi Donates 10% Of All Earnings To Church

"Dance of Passion" will be broadcasting its grand finale soon. However ratings have been in steady decline, with last week's ratings dropping 2 points to an average of 30 points, leading to speculation that Michelle Ye Suen's rape scene in "Central Affairs 2" may have attracted viewers instead.

There has also been criticism that the acting of the leading ladies are not up to par, leading to the ratings decline.

Ada Choi Siu Fun appeared as a spokesmodel for a beauty center yesterday and said that the majority of the feedback for "Dance of Passion" has been positive. Ada said that ratings and awards are beyond the control of artists and that audiences will have their own opinions. But Ada hopes that they will see the hard efforts the artists put in.

"No wonder a lot of friends called me and told me not to paid attention to the rumors. Whether it is positive or negative, having criticism is good. Anyhow, I will be meeting with the rest of the cast and crew to watch the finale of
'Dance of Passion.'"

Ada has been the spokesmodel for the beauty center in Hong Kong for the last 8 years. Her fees have increased to 7 figures and she will be doing promotional work for a new store opening in Shanghai. Ada plans to have 4-5 people help massage her when she arrives.

Ada also revealed that she will be heading to Japan with her uncle to attend a hairstyle show and she will be buying some small gifts to reward herself. Reporters asked whether Ada will donate 10% of her earnings to her church each time she receives a job? "Yes of course. I am very grateful that the Lord gave me such happiness and popularity, while receiving such well wishes."

Ada also revealed that she will set aside savings for investment purposes. Will Ada consider starting her own beauty center business? Ada laughed, "The best is if the beauty center company is able to let me share profits!"

Ada is currently learning investment strategies with a financial consultant. She has invested in some funds with her church friends; some are more stable, while others are more risky. Since the financial markets have been quite cyclical, Ada has been unfraid to watch the market everyday.

"I have always been very good with managing small amounts of money, but now I am learning investment strategies, so I feel I have gained a lot of knowledge."


Ada Choi's series "Dance of Passion" will be airing its grand finale this week but with the continuously falling ratings, there have been numerous suggestions as to why this is, including the rape scene on ATV's "Central Affairs 2" and the exaggerated overdramatisation of the female leads in the series.

Upon hearing this,
Ada says she will not comment on other people's acting ability, but she has heard mostly good reviews about the show. She feels that artistes cannot affect ratings and awards, so no matter what the response is, she understands that the audience have their own views. She does hope that people will see the hard work that the cast have put into making the show. She says: "No wonder so many friends have called me and told me to ignore whatever I hear. To be honest though negative or positive, any reviews are good. I will be there on Friday to watch the show with everyone."

Ada is a spokesperson for a beauty centre and she was dressed up for a promotional event yesterday for the company's new Shanghai centre. She has been spokesperson for this company for eight years now in Hong Kong and now she has become the company's face in the mainland as well, so her fee has gone up to seven figures, much higher than her last contract. Whenever she heads to Shanghai to work, the centre will arrange for four or five masseurs to massage her. She says that this is a new contract that reflects the larger market in China.

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